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As far as wedding beauty is concerned, makeup tends gets a lot of attention. While your big-day makeup look is important, the hairstyle you select for your walk down the aisle isn't something to overlook either. After all, the right updo, braid, or top knot can really help tie your look together. Even if you and your hairstylist have already settled on the perfect look, there are things to consider once your wedding day arrive, especially if you want things to go smoothly for both you and your pro. To avoid any hiccups on the wedding day, we asked two hairstylists to share the four things they really don't want you to do to your hair on the big day.

Don't select a hairstyle that you normally wouldn't wear.

Wedding hairstyles should always reflect the personality of any bride, meaning you shouldn't feel obligated to wear updos if you normally don't wear your hair up, says Mar R., creative director of TEAM Hair & Makeup. If you're the type of bride who always wear her hair down, she recommends trying a softer half-up style on the big day as they always manage to look ethereal and equally romantic.

Don't arrive to your appointment with really wet hair.

Aside from arriving late your appointment, showing up with sopping wet hair on the day of your wedding is never recommended, as Katherine McCall, event coordinator at Facetime Beauty, says it can really take a huge chunk of styling time out of a bride's already busy schedule. "Stylists usually prefer clean, dry hair for most hairstyles, with the exception of a simple blowout where hair should be damp," says McCall.

Don't over-condition your hair if you choose to wash it.

And if you choose to wash your hair the morning of your wedding, McCall also advises against over conditioning your hair, as too much product can create limp and greasy locks that are difficult to style. For stress-free styling, she recommends coming in with hair that's on the drier side. "It is usually better if your hair is a little on the drier side to create more texture and hold for your wedding day style," adds McCall.

Don't surprise your stylist with extensions.

Although it's important that brides remain flexible on the day of their wedding, that doesn't necessarily mean surprising your stylist with extensions on the day of. McCall says extension application can increase the time it takes to style your hair, making them something to decide on way before you finally walk down the aisle.


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