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breakfast registry items
Credit: Hallie Burton

Setting up your wedding registry can be a heady experience. It's almost like going on a major shopping spree without having to actually pay for all the cool stuff you want. That's probably what makes it so easy for couples to go overboard and register for items that they don't really need and therefore may never use. Here, nine women dish on the wedding gifts they thought they really wanted but ultimately regretted. The most frequently mentioned category? Fine china, which each woman says she pulls out far less often than she thought she would. But other, perhaps more surprising, categories made the list, too. They say one man's trash is another man's treasure but maybe the saying should be, "One bride's salad spinner is another bride's ice cream maker."

An oversized roasting pan.

Few things are as embarrassing as registering for, and receiving, something that you can't use. Sharon V. found herself in that situation when she received the roasting pan that she registered for but couldn't actually fit into her oven. After 12 years and two different houses, she and her husband are finally able to use it in their current oven. Although she doesn't regret the gift as a whole, she did wish she had thought about sizing before scanning.

Fragile or fancy glassware.

Three women flagged expensive glassware as their biggest regrets. For Shannon S. and her husband, it was a set of fragile cocktail glasses. They loved the look, but didn't realize quite how breakable they were when they registered. They almost never use them out of fear of damage. Lisa L., on the other hand, asked for a dozen crystal Champagne goblets that have been gathering dust ever since she unwrapped them, as she says she just doesn't have an opportunity to bring them out. Nikki S., a bartender by trade, registered for a set of fancy martini glasses, assuming that her current job would carry over into her home life. It did not, and they sit in a cabinet day after day.

Items you don't know how to use.

Two women say their biggest regrets were registry items that they couldn't actually do anything with. For Jessica R., it was a cookbook, which implied she would ultimately learn how to cook. Robin T. cites her still-packaged pressure cooker as her main regret.

Items in the wrong color palette.

When you create your wedding registry, you may have no idea what your future kitchen is going to look like, which makes it near impossible to choose housewares in a complementary color palette. Some couples simply go with a color they love, but Sascha A. now advises against it. She regrets her avocado green plate choice for this very reason, plus another funny (and totally relatable) one: "They make all food totally un-Instagramable," she says.

A single-use appliance.

For recent bride Colleen G., her biggest registry regret was her quesadilla maker. "Don't ever get a single-use appliance!" she says. If she were going to go for a single-use appliance though, she says it would have been an ice-cream maker. Funny enough, Naomi H. cites that very same dessert essential as her own regret.


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