Should you let them have their cake and eat it, too?
ana and damon simple wedding cake

There are a number of ways to serve wedding cake. Some couples opt to offer guests a whole dessert display, with just a small amount of cake available, while others order a tiered dessert large enough to feed every guest. Here we dive icing-deep into the pros and cons of serving cake to each guest.

Pro: You need just one dessert option.

If you're planning to get a wedding cake that's large enough to feed all of your guests, then it's okay to offer just one dessert option. This can be a money saver, depending on how large your guest count is and how you choose to have your cake decorated.

Con: Not everyone likes cake.

When there's only one dessert option, there's a good chance you're not pleasing everyone's palate. Whether they don't love the flavors you've chosen or detest cake in general, not everyone at the party will choose to eat your dessert. In fact, only about 50-60% of guests will grab a slice when cake is offered.

Pro: You can still mix flavors.

Most bakers allow couples to choose two or more flavors for a traditional tiered wedding cake, so you can still offer a variety of options to guests without splurging on a full dessert table. Another option would be to order a cake in one flavor, then offer other options in the form of sheet cakes cut in the kitchen. No one will know the difference.

Con: Guests may not get what they want.

If your cake contains two flavors-say, chocolate and vanilla-you will undoubtably have guests who don't receive the flavor they want. They can usually swap with someone nearby or ask the waitstaff for an alternative slice, but this could make more work for your vendors in the end.

Pro: You can do the math.

Because ordering wedding cake is basically a science, you can be very specific with the quantity of cake you're ordering. That means you're able to purchase just enough for each guest.

Con: There will probably be leftovers.

Yes, you can order the right size cake for your guest count, but that doesn't mean it will all get eaten. You could still end up with a lot of cake wasted if many guests choose not to grab a slice.

Pro: You can make dessert into its own course.

If you love the ideal of a formal, seated four-course meal, serving wedding cake at the table helps make it possible without too much added expense.

Con: It will be a long meal.

Guests tend to get antsy when they've been sitting for too long at a wedding, so many will get up and start wandering around while cake is being served. If the dance floor isn't going at this point, it could be an awkward time in the timeline where guests don't really know what to do with themselves.


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