This groom-to-be took his future wife—and Celine Dion!—by surprise.
Celine Dion suprise proposal
Credit: Austin McMillan via Instagram

Now that is a proposal to remember! At a meet and greet with the famous Celine Dion after her performance in Las Vegas, Nick Janevski proposed to his girlfriend Austin McMillan-right in front of Celine! As you can see, the singer was just as shocked as McMillan!

Why did Janevski decide to propose in front of Dion? It's actually a very sweet story. Javenski and McMillan started dating six months ago, and hung out every day for the first month. "My mom raised me on Celine because she's a huge Celine Dion fan," McMillan told BuzzFeed News. One day when Javenski picked up McMillan for a date, the famous song "My Heart Will Go On" started playing. So, from that day forward, Javenski would always play that song when he picked up his girlfriend-and thought of a way to propose. Guys, take note: the perfect proposal idea for your future wife can happen at any moment.

What to Say When Proposing—Besides the Obvious

So with a plan in place, Javenski reached out to his sources. He used to train Celine Dion's manager, which is how the meet and greet was set up. Though McMillan knew about the 30-second meeting with her favorite singer, she didn't expect what was about to happen at all (and neither did Dion!).

While McMillan was freaking out about what to say to her idol, Javenski got down on one knee and proposed. And, as you can see from the hilarious pictures, Dion was freaking out. "I didn't even say yes…for like two whole minutes I was just shocked," McMillan said. "I just looked at Celine Dion and then we both looked at him…I just kissed him." As for the singer? "Should I even be here?" she joked.

"I hope you have a long and happy marriage, just like I did with my husband," Dion told McMillan and Javenski. Maybe she'll even play at the wedding? Congrats to the happy couple!


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