It's time to celebrate the bride and groom-to-be by kicking off the wedding festivities with a memorable engagement party—but what should you serve? This menu of palate-pleasing appetizers is not only easy to make and stunning to display, but also gluten-free.
Photo by Audra Mulkern

Roasted Grapes and Chèvre on a Dried Orange Cracker

Your engagement party guests will leave wanting more of this gorgeous and savory bite. Simply spread fresh chèvre on dried orange crackers, and top with olive oil roasted grapes and fresh minced rosemary.

Photo by Audra Mulkern

Deconstructed Chicken Waldorf on a Dried Apple Cracker

The classic Waldorf salad gets an update and transforms into a perfectly petite, bite-sized appetizer with diced chicken, celery, candied walnuts, blue cheese, and red grapes. It's gently tossed with lemon juice, zest, and Herbs de Provence, and served on an apple cracker.

Photo by Audra Mulkern

Corn Salsa and Cilantro on a Dried Pear Cracker

For this zesty and sophisticated take on chips and salsa, instead of calorie-heavy tortilla chips, we paired light and healthy pear crackers with corn salsa. Toss fire roasted corn and bell peppers with lime juice, olive oil, and minced cilantro, finish with a cilantro leaf garnish, and serve on top of pear crackers. The combination of the naturally sweet pear flavor blends perfectly with the festive corn salsa.


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