What to Eat on the Morning of Your Wedding

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day—especially on this day.

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There's a ton going on the morning of your wedding-there's hair to be styled, faux lashes to be applied, and you're just so excited! We get it. But it's important to make time for your morning meal, especially if you're planning to sip on pre-ceremony mimosas with your 'maids. "Breakfast is always important," stresses California-based certified nutritionist Cara Clark, "but on this day in particular it's especially key to set the stage for a long day." In other words, fill up now because you may not eat again until you bite into that first slice of wedding cake. We asked eight pros for picks that will leave you feeling satiated-not stuffed.


Loaded toast.

Topping two slices of sprouted grain toast with two tablespoons of nut butter (think: peanut or almond), some blueberries, maca powder, and cinnamon "will give you plenty of satiety with enough calories to get you through at least four hours," swears Clark. "It will also digest quickly enough to keep you from feeling bloated and heavy."

A bloat-free parfait.

Holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman advises steering clear of dairy, refined sugar, or other foods that can lead to gas or bloating. Her pick: Coconut yogurt kefir with berries and gluten free granola with nuts. It's got plenty of protein, notes the Cancer Hacks author, "which will ensure you feel full longer." She also suggests sipping on Tulsi tea: "It's an adatogen herb that has a calming effect and keeps you focused and energized."

A tasty egg scramble.

C&J Nutrition co-founder Willow Jarosh has a pick that's "hearty enough to leave you fueled throughout the busy morning, but won't leave you overly full." The registered dietitian sautés a cup of diced sweet potato, stirs in a handful of kale, and tops the mixture with two eggs and a quarter of a sliced avocado.

A fiber-filled take on eggs benedict.

The potato benedict recipe from Stephanie Clarke,who co-wrote the Healthy, Happy Pregnancy Cookbook with Jarosh, isn't just for moms-to-be. She cooks a medium-sized potato in a microwave for five minutes, cuts it, and then sautés the halves with two teaspoons olive oil. The registered dietitian then tops each with tomato, a poached egg, and a yogurt sauce made with Dijon mustard, Greek yogurt, dried dill, and lemon juice. The fiber from the potatoes and protein from the egg and yogurt sauce is satisfying, says Clarke, which means there's no risk you'll end up hangry.


Bananas on toast.

Brigitte Zeitlin, the founder of BZ Nutrition, advises whipping up scrambled eggs with whole-wheat toast or topping a banana with two tablespoons of nut butter. Both options, says the registered dietitian, "have just the right amount of fiber to keep you full, but not too much that you start to feel bloated."

An omelet.

"The perfect breakfast for your wedding day is filled with protein, fat, and fiber that will keep you full and energized without causing a sugar crash," says the registered dietitian. Her "best bet" is a whole egg omelet with avocado and spinach. Explains Brooke Alpert, the founder of B Nutritious, "Spinach is great source of fiber but doesn't cause distention the same way kale or broccoli can so it's perfect before you're getting into that dress."

A filling smoothie.

For holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, nothing beats a morning smoothie. Her chocolate almond butter smoothie "is the perfect combination of protein, fat, fiber, and greens to balance blood sugar, keep you full, and give you all the nutrients you need," says the Be Well by Kelly founder and author of the upcoming Body Love. Blend one serving chocolate protein, two tablespoons almond butter, two tablespoons chia seeds, 2 cups unsweetened almond milk and a handful of spinach.

A green juice.

A blend of spinach, romaine, celery, banana, pear and apple, the nutritionist's glowing green juice "packs a mega-punch of vitamins, minerals and amino acids," saysKimberly Snyder, the New York Times best-selling author of the Beauty Detox series and Radical Beauty. "It's the ultimate energy and beauty booster."

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