Whether in print or online, this is one way to tell the world your happy news.

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In the age of social media, where you can announce your engagement at the same exact moment to your whole family, all your close friends, and those Facebook-only pals who you haven't actually spoken to since third grade, there's something charming and old school about publishing your new status in a print or online newspaper. Though many dailies in major cities have stopped publishing engagement announcements (they continue, however, to publish wedding announcements), many small-town and midsize papers still do, sometimes for a small fee like you'd pay to run a classified ad. If it's available where you live and is considered a rite of passage in your family—Grandma can't wait to see your announcement in print!—check out these guidelines.

When to Send It

As soon as you get engaged and take a great photo of the two of you that you can upload along with information about yourselves.

Who Should Get a Heads Up

Getting engaged is such a happy time that you may forget to tell some of the important people in your life. So, before your announcement telling the world your news hits the papers, be sure you let everyone in your circle know you're engaged, like relatives who live far and may not be privy to local familial happenings.

What to Include

Your newspaper may require you to fill out a lengthy form that asks the basics like bride's and groom's names, the town where you live, schools you attended, and where you work. Some also ask for your expected wedding date, time and location, which you may not know since you just got engaged and haven't made any plans yet. The paper will also ask your parents' names and location, as well as the groom's parents. They may then write up the announcement in a traditional style: "Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colucci of Toledo and Crystal Springs, are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Lauren Michelle, to Mr. Gregory Hanover, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hanover of Syracuse, New York." The announcement continues with the additional information you've provided.


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