This wedding photo is everything.
Diana Taurisi and Penny Taylor at their Phoenix wedding
Credit: Brooke Keegan via Instagram

WNBA player Diana Taurasi and former teammate Penny Taylor are married! The couple, who used to play together for the Phoenix Mercury, were married last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, and they're opening up about what the celebration meant to them.

Taurasi shared her thoughts about the big day just after swapping her white wedding suit for her jersey and heading back to the basketball court for a game against the Dallas Wings. "Just an amazing day, one of the happiest days we've ever had," she said, according to People. "It would have been nice to follow it up with a win, but we're just really happy. It was one of the times where all our families were together, all the people we love and care for in the city that we met and evolved as teammates and wives now. It's been pretty cool."

As for the celebration itself? While we're pretty obsessed with the couple's wedding day fashion selections (Taurisi donned a chic white suit and Taylor slipped into an elegant gown with a plunging sweetheart neckline), there was definitely more to the event than good style decisions. "It was the most amazing and beautiful day of our lives," Taurisi said. "To be able to share our love with family and close friends meant the world to us."

She added that the celebration was everything the couple hoped it would be, explaining, "It was the perfect timing and real celebration of everything we've been through and how we've been professionals and supportive of each other through some really tough years and challenging careers." Sounds like a magical day to us. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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