Now that he's asked you to be his life partner, see if he's willing to spot your squats.

By Sarah Grossbart
February 16, 2018
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Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill

Teamwork makes the wedding-day dream work. For those hoping to get in their best possible shape before trading vows, finding a workout buddy is a good look. Research shows having an exercise companion increases the amount you exercise. Fortunately for brides-to-be, they have a built-in partner. Why not turn your soulmate into your gym pal, too? Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Herjavec-who wed businessman and former dance partner Robert Herjavec a year after whipping him into shape on the ballroom competition-breaks down her tips for getting fit with you future spouse.

Double Up Your Workouts

Whether you hit the gym or prefer to sweat in the comfort of your own home, "There are several fun partner exercises you can do with your significant other," says Herjavec, owner of Beverly Hills' dance and fitness studio The Bod, "whether it's medicine ball rotations, partner squats or resistance band workouts." In her book, 5-6-7-8 Diet, the pro offers moves "you can do with very little equipment," making it perfect for at-home workouts.

Make It a Date Night

Skip the couch (or dinner out) in favor of a hot gym date, recommends Herjavec. "This will make you accountable to each other and keep you from ditching your partner," she explains.

Go for a Spin

Cross first dance prep off your list and burn some calories by signing up for a few ballroom lessons, advises the pro. "I always recommend couples to take dance class if only for the fact that it will bring you closer to your partner," she says. "Dance is a really great workout and you will burn calories without realizing it."

Take It Outside

Outdoor activities-anything from hiking, walking along the beach, cycling, or even, says Herjavec, "taking a long walk in the city to your favorite frozen yogurt store"-are a somewhat painless way to blast calories. Explains Herjavec, "You will be surprised with how refreshed you will feel enjoying the outdoors and you will probably have a longer workout then if you went to the gym."

Commit to Healthy Eating

Your ideal portion sizes may be different, but you and your groom can both strive to meet Herjavec's healthy diet guidelines: five servings of protein, six colors of the rainbow, seven anti-inflammatory foods, and eight glasses of water a day.

Sign Up for a Couples Cooking Class

Try a mid-week course as a fun break from planning and "learn together how to cook better meals at home," says Herjavec. Then, test out your training. "Some of my favorite times are cooking with Robert at home," says the newlywed. "Plus, you will be eating healthier and tastier as you can control the portion sizes and the ingredients of every meal."

Share Your Goals

Maybe it's losing a couple of pounds a month, or being able to do 10 push-ups in a row. Whatever your aim, fill your partner in on how you plan to reach it so he can help keep you on target. Says Herjavec, "By setting goals and tracking progress together you will stay on the right track and strengthen your partnership."

Try a Friendly Competition

Another motivator: Placing a friendly wager on your weight loss or cardio goals. Notes Herjavec, "You can add prizes to make it more fun and challenging for one another."

Set the Mood

Working together to craft an exercise playlist can get you both pumped for cardio sessions. Says Herjavec, "Make sure to include songs for your warm-up, during work out that will get you going and pump you up, songs for recovery, songs for in between workouts, the big finale song, and a few cool down songs as well." Bonus: you can find a little inspiration for your wedding-day song list!


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