74 Emotional Father-Daughter Wedding Photos

father and bride walking
Greg Finck

There are few relationships more important than those between dads and their daughters. And that's exactly why your wedding day is such an emotional time for your dad. Sure, he's so happy to see you marrying the love of your life, but he's also understandably saddened to have to share the role of most important man in your life. It should go without saying that photos captured of dads and their daughters on the wedding day are filled with so much emotion.

In honor of Father's Day, we asked some of our favorite photographers to share their all-time favorite father-daughter wedding photos. From adorable first looks and those private moments dads and daughters share before the ceremony to hilarious father-daughter dances and sweet toasts, these 74 photos just get sweeter and sweeter. Check out some of the most touching photos of fathers and their daughters on the big day, then get inspired for your own photo session with dad. If these photos are any indication, you'll want to carve out some serious camera time for you and your father.

"Katherine couldn't resist shedding a tear as she walks down the aisle with her father on her wedding day in Tuscany." —Greg Finck

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An Unforgettable Moment

"A truly emotional and timeless moment after the father's speech." —André of Branco Prata

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A Kiss for Good Luck

father daughter wedding lifting veil cheek kiss
Britt Chudleigh

"This moment between Tess and her father felt so symbolic. She was testing out her veil while getting ready and he wanted to steal this little kiss. So very sweet. So true. Tess is, to date, one of the kindest people I've worked with. She gave handwritten letters to every single guest at dinner if that gives you any indication. I have no doubt in my mind that this love was at least in part learned from her sweet dad and his ability to express his love for her." —Britt Chudleigh

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First Look with Dad

father daughter moment wedding outside emotional surprise
Cat Mayer Studio

"This is my favorite father-daughter moment from this past season! Jaimie and her dad had a first look at her wedding on her mother's private ranch just outside Vail. It was a happy morning, no tears just joy. And she was very happy to be going to see her dad for a quick first look before some family pictures. She expected it would be all smiles and happiness. She did not expect him to cry. I don't think he expected to either but… It was just one of the sweetest moments of the day. I was hiding in the bushes with a long lens." —Cat Mayer

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Giving Away His Daughter

bride and father moment
Ross Oscar Knight

"I love this image because I feel that it represents a passing of the guard. Her dad seemed so proud to be giving her away that day!" —Ross Oscar Knight

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Arm Candy

groom and young daughter portrait
Sposto Photography

"Talk about arm candy! This new father walked his own son down the aisle to honor the newest member of their growing family." —Shauntelle Sposto

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One Proud Father

fathers daughter moments joel serrato
Joel Serrato

"I loved how proud Lauren's dad was for his daughter's wedding day while walking down the aisle, as Lauren looked towards her handsome groom Brian." —Joel Serrato

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Passing Down the Moves

fathers daughter moments olivia leigh black and white dance
Olivia Leigh Photographie

"Whitney and her dad have such a sweet relationship. After giving a beautiful and touching toast, they did a fun father-daughter dancing, showing off where Whitney gets a lot of her dance moves from!" —Olivia Leigh

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Pre-Wedding Fun

fathers daughter moments kt merry
KT Merry

"Liz and her father took a moment during their portraits to share in a little laugh and togetherness before the celebrations begin." —KT Merry

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The Groom's Little Girl

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Dad Dressing Baby Daughter
Elizabeth Messina

"I love how this groom gently helps his daughter get dressed on his wedding day to her mother." —Elizabeth Messina

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Sweet Emotion

fathers daughter moments onelove photography
onelove photography

"I loved how instant the emotions came for this moment. Her father walked into the room and saw his baby girl in her wedding gown for the first time. His eyes welled up with tears instantly, and she rushed to his side and laid her head on his shoulder... just like when she was a little girl. It was such a tender moment." —Sara Wolfram of onelove Photography

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One More Hug

bride and father hug outside
Sposto Photography

"A private moment with her dad before the ceremony. One last hug before he gives her away to the man of her dreams!" —Shauntelle Sposto

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Wowed by the Gown

The Day by Ira Lippke

"Jordan got ready for her day in her family home. When she descended the stairs to see her father, Scott, he immediately started to tear up. Jordan hugged him and looking down at her dress asked, "Do you like it?" He was so emotional he could only nod." —Ira Lippke

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Dapper Dad

Clane Gessel

"This bride's father really wanted to wear a top hat to the wedding." —Clane Gessel

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Like Father, Like Daughter

Jessica Loren

"I loved how Bing and Amanda both reached out to the guests at the same time as they walked down the aisle together. " —Jessica Lorren

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A Special First Look

fathers daughter moments lauren fair photography
Lauren Fair Photography

"Michelle's first look with her dad was so sweet, and resulted in instant tears from both of them at Michelle and Clark's Cairnwood Estate wedding!" —Lauren Fair

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Before Their Entrance

fathers daughter moments perry vaile
Perry Vaile

"I love this moment because it was taken before Carla and her dad walked down the aisle—just outside the doors as the entire church waited these two had a moment cross their faces of pure joy and I was so happy to have been there to capture it!" —Perry Vaile Adams

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Cut a Rug

bride and father dancing at reception
Rebecca Yale Photography

"There's nothing better than a father/daughter dance where they have a little fun! This bride and her dad cut a rug on the dance floor and had everyone cheering and smiling." —Rebecca Yale

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A Moment Alone

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Dad and Daughter in Car
Christian Oth Studio

"A joyful car ride with Dad on the way to the ceremony." —Christian Oth

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Matching Dance Skills

bride and father
Greg Finck

"Titi and her Dad showing some serious dancing skills during the Father/Daughter first dance. A fun moment during Titi&Jimi's glorious wedding in a private villa on the French Riviera." —Greg Finck

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Proof That Everyone Should Have a First Look

father daughter wedding moment crying
Birds of a Feather

"When Dre's father saw her for the first time, her dad couldn't hold back his sobs. It was one of the most emotional first looks we'd ever shot—which is why we love father/daughter first looks and always recommend them!" —Sarah of Birds of a Feather

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A Huge Hug

Father's Day Photos, Father and Daughter Hugging
Shaun Menary Photography

"This is one of our all-time favorite father-daughter first looks because…well, it's obvious, isn't it??" —Shannon Menary

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Their Time Together

father daughter wedding moment walking
Braedon Flynn

"Charlene and her dad's walk down the aisle started at the back of the property, under these gorgeous oak trees. As their friends and family stood to watch them approach, it was a special time watching the two of them, arm in arm, approaching her groom to give her away. You could watch the love and excitement in them both." —Braedon Flynn

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A Dad's Reaction

black white wedding image father daughter moment
Abby Jiu Photography

"Taylor was a very sentimental bride who got ready at her parent's house before heading to her childhood church. She walked down the stairs to do a 'first look' with her dad and this was his reaction." —Abby Jiu

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Leaving the House

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Exiting House Together
Greer Gattuso

"I love this photo of the father of the bride walking his daughter out of the house to marry the man of her dreams. There is something so classic and timeless of that last walk a father and daughter take together." —Greer Gattuso

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Dad Knows Best

fathers daughter moments olivia leigh black and white
Olivia Leigh Photographie

"Francesca's father works in fashion in NYC and was so excited for her wedding day. I love this image of her dad taking on some typical bridesmaids duties, making a perfect "Dad of Honor" for part of the day!" —Olivia Leigh

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Helping His Daughter

Father's Day Photos, Dad Helping with Shoe
Shaun Menary Photography

"We love this moment because it's a rare occasion that the father of the bride gets down on the ground in his suit to put his daughter's shoes on her feet. Mahsh's father had noticed during their first look that Mahsh had yet to put on her shoes. So he preemptively grabbed one and went to work gently fiddling with the buckle. In this unprompted moment, Mahsh's mother prepares the next shoe in the foreground as Mahsh's father buckles the first shoe around her ankle. This candid image features a sweet and simple moment that in nine years of photographing weddings, we'd never seen happen…and it still makes us smile." —Shannon Menary

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A Loving Moment

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Dad and Daughter First Look
Ryan Ray

"Dad adoring his sweet girl." —Ryan Ray

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Formal Portraits

Gia Canali

"This moment between Nicole Shabtai and her father happened organically in the middle of group photographs. It's so sweet and quiet and real in the middle of what was a very bustling wedding day." —Gia Canali

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An Emotional Dance

dad daughter wedding moment hug emotional
Chaz Cruz

"This dance between Tiffany and her father was one of the more memorable ones for me because they both couldn't stop crying throughout the whole dance. They had the crowd the happiest of tears." —Chaz Cruz

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All Smiles

bride and father dancing outside
Sposto Photography

"This gorgeous bride is all smiles dancing with her father on her special day." —Shauntelle Sposto

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father toasting bride and groom
Rebecca Yale Photography

"Listening to the family toasts on wedding days is always a favorite moment of mine. I love the expression on the groom's father's face full of so much pride and love as they clink glasses after his toast and the way they just beam at each other." —Rebecca Yale

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A Little Help from Dad

Jessica Lorren

"When Marlowe's dad offered to zip her wedding dress it took all I had not to melt into a puddle right there." —Jessica Lorren

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Time Alone

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Father Kissing Daughter Outside
Christian Oth Studio

"We love capturing the loving relationship between a Father and Daughter right before she is united with her soon to be husband." —Christian Oth

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Laughing Down the Aisle

The Day by Ira Lippke

"Most of the morning Bob (father of the bride) kept his cool, but upon seeing his daughter in her gown and veil, he completely lost it. At first sight of Lindsay, he gasped, covered his mouth and visibly started to cry. This was one of the emotional and tender moments we've seen between father and daughter. It makes us choke up every time!" —Ira Lippke

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Before Their Walk

fathers daughter moments liz banfield black and white
Liz Banfield

"I have always loved to photography those fleeting minutes before the bride and her father walk down the aisle. The lighting, their expressions, and the architecture of this 19th century Charleston landmark only adds to the quiet importance of this moment." —Liz Banfield

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The Father-Daughter Dance

father daughter wedding moment dance
Britt Chudleigh

"The father daughter dance is such a favorite moment. Finally the rush of the day comes to a silent pause as they share this special moment. The music takes away the need to overcomplicate so many emotions with conversation and allows the bride and her father to feel what's unsaid. I've been known to wipe a tear or two away." —Britt Chudleigh

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A Sweet Portrait

touching wedding moment father daughter
Braedon Flynn

"Having a little girl myself, I'm so drawn towards dads that adore and cherish their daughters. Every look and smile from Kelsey's dad towards her was so big and so genuine." —Braedon Flynn

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Happy Tears

father daughter wedding moment hugging
Birds of a Feather

"Kristen and her father are incredibly close and he burst into tears the moment he saw her. It was one of the highlights of an emotional day all around!" —Sarah of Birds of a Feather

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Entering the Church

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Dad and Daughter Outside of Church
Christian Oth Studio

"Sweet moments with Dad right before walking down the aisle!" —Christian Oth

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A Fun First Dance

Emily Wren Photography

"For a fun twist on the classic father/daughter dance, Lindsey and her dad kicked off their shoes and took guests by surprise with a hilarious dance routine." —Emily Wren

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Time on the Dance Floor

Gia Canali

"The father-daughter dance can still bring me to tears occasionally! Here's Michelle with her dad and I love how clearly happy her dad is here." —Gia Canali

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A Quiet Car Ride

fathers daughter moments jessica lorren car
Jessica Lorren

"Cristie and her father sharing sweet moment of quiet before they entered the church together." —Jessica Lorren

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One Proud Dad

tears father daughter wedding moment
Braedon Flynn

"This wedding... I cried listening to Christine's dad's speech about his daughter. His smile was so genuinely huge, directed at her, it melted my heart. And walking down the aisle, Christine was tearing up and her dad was just beaming at her. So excited because she was marrying such a good guy and he was proud of his little girl." —Braedon Flynn

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Before the Ceremony

Gayle Brooker

"I love this classic Charleston shot of a father and the bride right before walking down the aisle of St. Philip's, one of the oldest churches in the city." —Gayle Brooker

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Seeing His Daugther

The Day by Ira Lippke

"When Jodi's father, Gene, entered the room to see his daughter as a bride, his eyes welled up and he practically ran toward her. "I think you're beautiful. Just beautiful," he said through tears." —Ira Lippke

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An Important Dance

bride and father of bride dancing
Ross Oscar Knight

"Valerie's dad appears to be overcome with sadness but remains poised as his daughter clings close to him during their dance. With one hand at her back and the other clasped around her fingers this father proves his bond with his daughter is certainly intact for a lifetime." —Ross Oscar Knight

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Good Luck

bride and father fist bump
Tim Tab Studios

"Emily and her dad shared a fist-pound for success before walking down the aisle." —Tim Tabailloux

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Hugging Dad

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Emotional Hug
Ryan Ray

"I captured this sweet moment as Keisha shared a first look with dad." —Ryan Ray

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Lending a Hand

father daughter hugging wedding moment
Britt Chudleigh

"In this moment Erica was helping her father get his tie just right, and it was so spontaneous and tender. She rested there for a minute, chin on his shoulder, and gazed into their reflection. Melt." —Britt Chudleigh

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A Groom and His Girls

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Bride and Groom with Baby and Wedding Party Kids
Elizabeth Messina

"After the ceremony, a father stands with his bride and their one year old daughter upon his shoulders and a gaggle of children around them." —Elizabeth Messina

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An Emotional Reveal

father daughter moment wedding surprise
Brklyn View Photography

"The big reveal between a father and daughter can be a very emotional moment. As Katie walked down the stairs to see her father, for the first time on her wedding day, she became overwhelmed with excitement. Her big day was here and she was able to share this important moment privately with her father." —Jainé Kershner

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A Sweet Embrace

bride and father embrace outside
Rebecca Yale Photography

"The first time a father sees his daughter on the wedding day is such an emotional moment and it can be fun to set up a "first-look" with your dad just like you may do with your spouse. This sweet embrace was moments after the bride's dad saw her for the first time and the joy in his face as he hugs her is what wedding days are all about." —Rebecca Yale

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Time with Dad

bride and father sharing a moment
Sawyer Baird

"I loved Kaitlyn's first look with her dad because it was so pure. Kaitlyn was a bride who truly trusted everybody with everything during her day—she was completely surprised by decor, colors, and the look of the day. She was completely grateful and very much focused on the marriage vs. the wedding. It was such a beautiful thing and I think it truly shows!" —Sawyer Baird

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Bold Moves

fathers daughter moments olivia leigh black and white
Olivia Leigh Photographie

"Micaela was a dancer and choreographed two incredibly fun routines for her first dance with her husband, as well as one with her dad. The crowd loved it and the dances were the highlight of the reception!" —Olivia Leigh

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Waiting for Dad

The Day by Ira Lippke

"Allyson waited for her father, David, outside on the balcony. As she anticipated him coming around the corner, she began to fan her face with her hands, trying to keep from crying. Her dad was so emotional he could barely utter a single word. Allyson wiped the tears from her father's face with her hands—such a sweet, connective moment." —Ira Lippke

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Fixing the Boutonniere

dad daughter wedding moment pinning boutonniere
Clane Gessel

"I love this photo of my bride helping her father straighten his boutonniere." —Clane Gessel

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Arm in Arm

bride and father-of-the bride
Greg Finck

"Eva and her Dad looking down the aisle during Eva and John's wedding at Pavillon de la Comtesse du Barry in Paris. Such an emotional moment in a historical location." —Greg Finck

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One Funny Father

father giving speech at reception
Rebecca Yale Photography

"The bride's dad had everyone cracking up during his toast at this beautiful wedding in an Italian Crypt on the Amalfi Coast. He regaled the crowd with just the right combination of humor and sentiment and there wasn't a dry eye in the house, including my own." —Rebecca Yale

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Giving the Bride Away

father and bride emotional hug at ceremony
Tim Tab Studios

"Ladan and her dad had an emotional moment together as he gave her away in a traditional Persian wedding ceremony." —Tim Tabailloux

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The Best Dance Partner

fathers daughter moments liz banfield dance
Liz Banfield

"Dads are almost always better dancers than the groom and this Father of the Bride was no exception. The bride, who met her husband while working as an instructor in their family's South Dakota dance studio, was an equal match to his polished moves." —Liz Banfield

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Walking to Dad

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Daughter Walking Towards Dad Outside
Our Labor of Love

"Married at the family cabin, the bride walks down the 'secret stairs' to meet her father." —Christa of Our Labor of Love

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Checking Out the Bouquet

fathers daughter moments lisa odwyer
Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

"This is a moment after the bride's father had seen her for the first time before the ceremony. I love how they hold hands and he sweetly smells her bouquet... such a beautiful moment." —Lisa O'Dwyer

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Overcome with Emotion

fathers daughter moments jessica lorren black white
Jessica Lorren

"Kimberly's dance with her father was full of emotion. It was clear that this was a moment they had both been dreaming of their entire lives." —Jessica Lorren

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Wiping Away Tears

bride touching father's cheek
Perry Vaile

"This photo is one of my all time favorites: Lauren is wiping the tears away from her sweet dad's face when he saw her as a bride for the first time! My heart!" —Perry Vaile

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A Special Dance

bride and father tearful dance
Ross Oscar Knight

"Shaundra had such a sweet dance with her father. She was overcome by emotion and tears streamed down her face as she and her dad moved slowly across the dance floor." —Ross Oscar Knight

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Classic Moment

Father-Daughter Wedding Photos, Dad and Daughter Kiss
Ryan Ray

"Such a classic moment with Nina and her father." —Ryan Ray

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The Best First Look

daughter kissing father on cheek
Gia Canali

"A first look with the bride, Nicole Bitler, and her father. This moment with her dad is so sweet and it's really a good thing to figure in before the rest of the day happens and your focus gets pulled so many other directions." —Gia Canali

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The Sweetest Pair

fathers daughter moments larissa cleveland
Larissa Cleveland Photography

"This was one of the sweetest father-daughter first looks I've seen. After they embraced, Jessica surprised her dad (a talented musician) with a guitar pick engraved with the words "I loved YOU first." There was not a dry eye in the room!" —Larissa Cleveland

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A Meaningful First Look

Father's Day Photos, First Look with Dad
Shaun Menary Photography

"This was one of our favorite father-daughter first looks. This father of the bride was diagnosed with a degenerative condition that may have prevented him from being able to walk on his daughter's wedding day. Thankfully, it was a good day, and not only did he get to walk his only daughter down the aisle, but he was able to have this sweet first look moment with her beforehand." —Shannon Menary

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One More Hug

wedding father daughter wedding moment hug ceremony
Britt Chudleigh

"The tradition of giving one;s daughter away to her soon to be husband wasn't wasted on Emma's father. Everyone felt his appreciation for her and the time they'd had together as he stole one long embrace before stepping aside to witness her marriage." —Britt Chudleigh

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Happy Dad

Gayle Brooker

"One of my favorite moment's in a wedding is when a father walks her daughter down the aisle. The father is beaming with love, pride, happiness, and a barley noticeable undercurrent of sadness as he hands over his beloved daughter. In this first image, I love how the father is turned smiling directly at his wife. You can feel the happiness in his gaze and I love at that same moment the bride is beaming looking forward at her future." —Gayle Brooker

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Great Spirits

father daughter wedding moment wiping tear laughter
Cat Mayer Studio

"This bride and her dad were joking about the rain on the wedding day. It was memorial day weekend in the vineyards of western Colorado and it was supposed to be sunny, but the rain was absolutely pouring and they had to move the wedding reception indoors. Dad stayed in such good spirits and kept Jenna laughing. The rain was a non-issue. Good dad right here." —Cat Mayer

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A Special First Look

sweet father daughter moment surprise smile
Clane Gessel

"This father was so happy during their first look." —Clane Gessel

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