Because no one wants to sneeze their way down the aisle.

By Courtney Levia
April 01, 2020
Credit: Westend61

There's no denying it: Preparing for your wedding definitely requires a lot of time and energy, which can cause you to feel a bit overworked and stressed out. With this in mind, it's really crucial to make sure you take care of your physical and mental health in the months leading up to the wedding, as stress and a jam-packed shcedule can definitely cause your defenses to be down. Aside from working out and eating a balanced, nutritious diet, registered dietitian Emily Wunder, MSCN, RD, LDN, says there are other easy ways to improve your immunity before you head down the aisle that require little to no effort.

From eating better to sleeping more, below are four easy ways to up your natural defenses before the week of your wedding finally arrives, according to a dietitian

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

"Sleep deprivation causes the immune system to respond like it's in a stressful situation," Wunder says. By getting an adequate amount of sleep, she suggests that you can avoid overworking the immune system and keep your energy levels up in order to keep up with all of the excitement.

Include a Lean Protein Source in Each Meal

"Protein is involved down to the cellular level in keeping immune system cells and tissues healthy and functioning properly," Wunder tells Martha Stewart Weddings. Eat a variety of animal and plant-based protein including chicken, turkey, seafood, lentils, nuts, and seeds, she recommends.

Eat a Variety of Foods to Get More Vitamins

"Vitamins are involved with many processes in the body and some are immune system specific," Wunder explains. Vitamin A plays a role in regulating the immune system, she says, and can be found in carrots, eggs, red peppers, spinach, and sweet potatoes. Another immune supporting vitamin is E, which she suggests, has antioxidant properties and can be found in nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, and fortified cereals. Both of these vitamins are fat soluble, she adds, meaning they require fat in the diet for the body to absorb them.

Always Stay Hydrated

"Water supports so many functions of the body but specifically supports the cells which make up the immune system," Wunder suggests. The general recommendation is to follow the 8x8 rule, shey says, which requires drinking eight ounces of water eight times per day.


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