The bridal designer shares industry intel, plus she gives us a glimpse at her new bridal jewelry line.

When it comes to bridal wear, Monique Lhuillier doesn't stop at wedding dresses. The renowned designer has recently entered the jewelry industry, and her creations are no less than gorgeous.

The collection, a collaboration with Blue Nile, is equal parts whimsy and sophisticated-a signature style that runs throughout Lhuillier's work.

We touched base with the designer in an exclusive interview to celebrate her new release. Ahead, Lhuillier shares her best engagement advice and dishes on some of the industry's latest trends.

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On her collection:

When asked about diving into bridal jewelry, Lhuillier says that her gowns are what inspired her. "Above all, I wanted my engagement ring collection to be delicate, romantic, and refined. I wanted the rings to have the qualities that define my bridal aesthetic."

One look at her creations, and you'll know that she's succeeded. Her personal favorite from the collection's debut, the petal garland ring (pictured above, bottom left), boasts a dreamy rose gold aura with a floral finish. "The petal garland ring is very representative of my romantic aesthetic," she shares. "It is so lovely and unique!"

On the latest trends:

When it comes to bridal wear, Lhuillier dares to be different. "Highlights from my Spring 2017 collection include modern slip dresses with floral details, romantic lingerie accents, and sheer bodices," says Lhuillier. "Brides are exploring more non-traditional silhouettes to differentiate their look for that special day."

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Advice for the bride-to-be:

Personal taste is paramount when picking out your engagement ring (or dropping hints to your S.O.). "A bride's engagement ring should be a true reflection of her personal style. Similar to my bridal designs, the engagement ring should be as unique as the bride herself." So while trends are exciting, stay true to yourself-after all, you'll be wearing the piece for a lifetime.

The same rings true for day-of pieces. "There are many ways to wear day-of jewelry, but ultimately it's a very personal decision," says Lhuillier. And if you're feeling indecisive, opt for something classic. "I'm always in favor of simple earrings and a delicate bracelet," she shares.

Advice for the future groom:

Engagement ring shopping can be stressful, but don't wing it. "My advice is to spend time doing his research and to enter the process with an idea of what his bride-to-be wants. It's important to keep in mind that the engagement ring is a symbol of their lives together, a piece that will last a lifetime."

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(Bonus) Two sweet stories she had to share:

Working in the bridal industry, Lhuillier's heard her fair share of proposal stories. But in all her years, two stand out as being ultra-romantic and extra creative.

"A couple was diving and [the bride-to-be's] boyfriend guided her to a particular clam," says Lhuillier of the first. "When she went to open it the engagement ring was inside and he proposed under water!"

As for the second? "Another is a couple who went to a romantic dinner, and after dinner they headed to the balcony where there was a telescope. When the bride-to-be looked inside she saw her entire family holding up letters that spelled out 'WILL YOU MARRY ME'-when she looked down he was on one knee with a ring."


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