The Prettiest Wedding Table Number Ideas from Real Weddings

wedding table numbers marble marvels
Natalie Bray

With the right tools, it can be as easy as 1-2-3 to direct guests to their reception tables. Those typically include escort cards, place cards, and table numbers. We've offered up plenty of inspiration for the first two categories, but what about for the latter? That's where this gallery comes in. Ahead, get our favorite ideas for your wedding's table numbers.

By putting some thought into your table numbers, you can turn a sometimes-small detail into a standout décor element. How, exactly? Embrace your wedding's theme, be it rustic, modern, or something else entirely. It's not a bad idea to coordinate their design with the design of your seating cards or seating chart, either. After all, the pieces go together—you can't have one without the other.

You can also customize the display items further by nodding to your personalities or relationship. For example, we've seen table "numbers" that aren't digits at all, but instead different locations meaningful to the couple. Really, you can turn to anything for inspiration, from your event's color scheme to your shared hobbies. Whatever the case, you'll want guests to see what you chose and say, "That's so them!"

No matter what you end up deciding on for your table numbers, start your search for inspiration here. Why? Because these examples—which range from utterly elegant to playful and quirky—are all stunning and creative. Whether you're wondering what you should use for yours or you're looking for ways to display them, the following photos will help you plan.

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Just Like Home

julianne aaron wedding table number centerpiece
Rachel May Photography

This creative couple used traditional French enamel house numbers (found by the bride's mom!) to identify each table.

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julie anthony real wedding table number triangle
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

With the help of elegant gold calligraphy, white triangle-shaped blocks were transformed into the chicest table numbers.

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In the Clear

brittany craig wedding table number
Sara Richardson Photography

At this Allure Weddings & Events celebration, slabs of lucite were transformed into table numbers by way of pretty white calligraphy.

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Modern Style

table number
Bonnie Sen Photography

This couple knew they wanted blackened steel table number holders, but couldn't find what they were looking for, so they ultimately asked a friend to create them. They completed the look with a modern printed number that identified each table.

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Literary Favorite

wedding book table number
Nirav Patel

As this couple's themed wedding (the bride and groom were Harry Potter fans!), tables were marked with books from the series. The bride painted old copies of her favorites and calligraphed class names, such as Potions, Divination, and Astronomy, on each.

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Global Affair

wedding table numbers travel themed decor
Birds of a Feather Photography

This travel-themed Lady Liberty Events wedding benefited from tons of inspired décor, including these globe table numbers.

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All About Agate

wedding table numbers blue rock
Aga Jones Photography

Numbers were painted onto bright agate slabs for this reception's table numbers.

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Unique Display

jannicke paal france wedding table number
Greg Finck

While the table number itself was fairly classic, the item that displayed it—a bronzed flower—was totally unique. Lavender & Rose Weddings executed the chic look.

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julie anthony real wedding table number sailboat
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

For a nautical or seaside wedding, you can't beat a themed table number. These wooden boats surely wowed guests.

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Honeycomb Table Numbers

wedding table numbers honeycomb table runners
Amanda Alessi Photography

The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator dressed up these already-cool reception tables with unique honeycomb table numbers.

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Tall Order

wedding table numbers diy triangular decor
Cari Courtright Photography

This bride and groom placed their DIY table numbers in triangular décor pieces for a truly one-of-a-kind design.

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Counting Crests

wedding table numbers acrylic crest
Jenna McElroy Photography

The motif on these acrylic table numbers coordinated with this couple's custom crest by The Inviting Pear.

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Candle-Lit Display

Peach, Green, and Gold Tablescape
ali + julie

Simple table numbers rested against candles for this boho wedding by Chocolate Creative Design.

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Deckle-Edged Table Numbers

wedding table numbers deckle edged
O'Malley Photographers

Floral frogs held these deckle-edged La Happy table numbers in place.

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Sailboat Signs

wedding decor sailboat table numbers
Abby Jiu Photography

These sailboat wedding table numbers by Table 6 Productions were absolutely adorable.

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Greenery Accents

wedding table numbers greenery accents
onelove photography

These greenery table numbers looked just right beside the rest of this wedding's JL Designs centerpieces.

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Driftwood Table Numbers

Rustic driftwood wedding table number
O'Malley Photographers

Looking for a rustic spin on nautical wedding décor? Add a hand-painted driftwood table number to the reception setting.

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Table Number Illustrations

Elegant and romantic floral illustration wedding table number with peach and pink wedding centerpiece
Kayla Barker

These gorgeous floral table numbers by Alli K Design were delicate and romantic but definitely still make a statement, and fit right in with the floral décor from The Wildflowers.

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Metallic Inspiration

Sasithon Photography of The Wedding Artists Collective

Calligrapher Mindy Liu created these simple, elegant table numbers with classic gold ink, channeling the metallic accents that filled each centerpiece display.

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Brass Table Numbers

Brass metal wedding table number and white wedding centerpiece
This Love of Yours

These three-dimensional table numbers added extra depth and unique texture to an already gorgeous table display. Bonus: The brassy, gold color is a great complement to nearly any wedding palette.

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Garden Inspiration

table setting flowers
Kate Headley

For their garden-inspired wedding, this couple paired lush centerpieces with table numbers that fit the theme perfectly. These real pressed flower and plant table numbers from Cheree Berry Paper were just what the event called for!

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Planted Table Numbers

Succulent potted plant table number with vintage sign
Laura Ivanova Photography

Potted plants always add a fun element to wedding centerpieces. We bet these shabby-chic table number succulents had more than a few admirers on the big day.

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Cloche Table Numbers

Elegant cloche and flower wedding table number with calligraphy
Ether and Smith

Say hello to your new favorite garden wedding table number idea. These unique cloche table numbers didn't just incorporate a floral print, they included the real thing in their three-dimensional displays.

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Love Languages

Wedding centerpiece
Michael Radford

Each table at this couple's "XO" themed wedding featured a unique twist on a table number. Instead of sticking to numerals, the couple named each table for the word "kiss" in a different language.

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Garden Goals

Ryan Ray

The classic simplicity of these hand-lettered table numbers from Brown Linen Design fit in beautifully with the couple's slightly vintage, super romantic, garden wedding vibe.

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Green Accents

glara matthew wedding table setting centerpiece
Heather Waraksa

These calligraphy table numbers from Anne Robin were a great pairing for the couple's dark green linens and matching calligraphy escort cards.

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Palette Pro

Roey Yohai Photography

Is your color palette the dominant detail of your wedding? Choose a table number to match, like this couple did with their classic blue table numbers.

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Rustic Style

kalen boyd wedding table
Carrie Patterson

Table numbers like these are simple, chic, and would be the perfect project to add to your list of handmade to-dos. The white lettering adds an extra touch of sophistication, too.

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Jewel-Toned Tables

samantha michael wedding tablenumber
Ryan Ray Photography

Gorgeous jewel tones infused every inch of this Texas wedding, including the deep navy table numbers with their elegant calligraphy from The Left Handed Calligrapher.

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Handmade Table Numbers

Emily Wren Photography

Inspired by a similar style of escort card the couple discovered on Pinterest, these geometric star table numbers added an unexpected, playful element to table décor.

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Simple Sophistication

Josh Gruetzmacher

To fit the classic, elegant mood of their simple olive branch centerpieces, this couple opted for sophisticated table numbers printed on paper and mounted on clipboards.

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Bright Ideas

Acqua Photo

Bright pops of pink helped these polka-dotted table numbers tie in with the black, white, and pink palette and pattern-heavy décor from this Kate Spade-inspired celebration. The pattern also reflected the couple's envelope liners from Peanut Press Creative and a layer of their wedding cake.

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Hand-Lettered Numbers

wedding table number
Katherine O’Brien Photography

Carmen Collins created these super sweet table numbers. The highlight? The vintage-inspired stands that matched the eclectic vibe of table décor.

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Natural Numbers

Liz Banfield

A nature-inspired wedding requires nature-inspired décor! These table numbers were calligraphed in white ink on green tiles that tied in with the look and hues of the palm leaves on each place setting.

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Simple and Chic

katie samuel place setting
Thayer Allyson Gowdy

These white folded table numbers were simple, but elegant—and a gorgeous accent for the couple's already-full reception tables.

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Directional Decanters

Mademoiselle Fiona

The crafty bride at this chic soirée used ribbon to tie vintage metal numbers to IKEA pitchers.

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In the Details

Liz Banfield

This bride's father painted and mounted the wooden table numbers that were inspired by the hand-painted ceiling at the wedding venue.

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Rock On

Pastel and Pyrite Table Setting
Kate Osborne

Locally foraged stones, gathered on the resort grounds the day before the celebration and painted with gold foil digits, served as table numbers at this winter wedding.

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What's for Dinner?

Gideon Photo

This couple topped each plate at their colorful wedding reception with pink cutouts representing the table number.

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It's the One

Alison Conklin

"As a little joke, the favors told guests their table number, although there was only one table," this bride shared of her Florence fête. "I brought the 'one' and a small easel, while the florist and groom created a beautiful table number display out of moss."

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Cute Chalkboards

Gary Ashley for Les Loups

This bride recruited her bridesmaids to help assemble the table arrangements with flowers from Eva's Garden, which went in Weck canning jars of all different shapes and sizes, along with mini chalkboard table numbers.

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Clear Choice

Cadence & Eli

Guests found their seats at this modern Minneapolis celebration via hexagonal table numbers that were displayed in clear acrylic frames.

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Frame-Worthy Figures

Marisa Holmes

For their table numbers, this bride and groom asked Wendy Ware to calligraph designs that mirrored the stationery, with an orange tile motif on the top and bottom. The couple then displayed the signs in gold frames.

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Novel Numbers

Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Collective

To make the table numbers for his wedding, the groom cut digits from the pages of vintage books and pasted them to the covers.

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Winging It

Meg Smith Photography

Instead of traditional numerals, large prints of hand-painted birds in wood-based picture frames adorned these tables and served as identifiers for the corresponding escort cards given to each guest. The illustrations (done by the bride's aunt) were of species often seen on Martha's Vineyard. The original paintings were framed and hung in the newlyweds' home.

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Simple Symbols

Aaron Delesie

Nestled amid their serene tablescape, the pretty sculptural numerals at this celebration were made by stacking cardboard on a sturdy wooden base.

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Double-Duty Design

Tinywater Photography

A swipe of blue paint transformed glass water bottles into multitasking table numbers at these nuptials.

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Wrap It Up

Our Labor of Love

Guests found their seats at this fête via burlap-wrapped wine bottles.

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Whimsical Table Numbers

Jill Thomas

The whimsical, illustrated blooms on this couple's table number cards mimicked their wildflower centerpieces.

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French Flair

Polly Alexandre Photography

Leaf-shaped table number cards from Vintage Twee were embellished with small butterflies and customized in French as a nod to the bride's mother's roots and displayed in Cox & Cox holders.

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Oak Accents

Sue Kessler

Stained-oak numbers and vases of dahlias and camomile topped tables at this nature-inspired wedding in Pocantico Hills, New York.

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Famous Tunes

Corbin Gurkin

For their Hawaiian destination wedding, this couple named their tables after vintage albums. Each one was labeled with a colorful card.

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Well Drawn

Nancy Neil

Here, illustrated numbers were printed on tented cards. They coordinated with the illustrated initials used in the couple's invitation suite.

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Mini Banners

Orchard Cove Photography

These playful paper flags showcased table numbers alongside low centerpieces constructed of Spode vessels (collected over months by the antique-loving couple); they were propped up on mercury-glass vases and surrounded by lush arrangements.

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