Because standing there in the heat is hard work.
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You'd do anything for your bestie. But standing in the sun while wearing a gown in July?! That request might leave you saying, "I guess!" But fear not, summer 'maids! We spoke to a few of the industry's experts and gathered their best tricks to help keep a smile on your face while beads of sweat roll down your back. With these tips in your arsenal, the only thing melting at this summer's nuptials will be your heart.

Bottoms Up

A celebratory mimosa is one thing, but seven is a recipe for dehydration (and a wobbly walk down the aisle). That's where planner Allison Jackson's summertime motto comes in: "Hydrate, then celebrate." Drinking water is always important but on a hot summer's day it's essential. "Cold water regulates your body temperature and will mean less sweat. Hydration also keeps the body feeling calm and less stressed, which means less sweat as you begin that long, nerve-wracking walk down the aisle," she says.

Opt for Airbrush

If you normally go for a standard makeup routine, a summer wedding is a great excuse to give airbrush a try. "When you use a water-based product on your skin, it becomes waterproof, sweatproof, and flawless," says Rhea McCarter-Craft, owner of Adore Makeup Boutique and Salon. Once you factor in outdoor photos, dancing, and happy tears, waterproof makeup quickly becomes a worthwhile investment.

Remember Loose Powder

Half the battle is feeling cool and dry at an outdoor wedding. For this complicated situation, we have a low-tech solution: baby powder. "Light touches of loose powder on décolletage, on your t-zone and under your eyes can help you feel and stay dry and keep you looking fresh for photos." says Jackson. "Shine is not a look you want."


Wedding day prep tends to be all hair and makeup, but there's one skincare step that simply can't be overlooked. "As someone who experienced melanoma in my early '30s, I cannot say enough about the importance of sunscreen," stresses Jackson. "For weddings, I like to suggest oil-free sprays that dry quickly and don't provide too much shine on the skin."

Own It

Yes, it's hot. Yes, you're definitely sweating. But remember: These photos will live forever. Besides, highlighters and illuminators are having a moment right now, so don't sweat your sweat. Instead, think of it as an illuminator and slay that walk down the aisle, humidity be damned.


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