Unique Wedding Bouquets

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Your wedding ceremony celebrates your special, one-of-a-kind relationship, because there's no love out there quite like yours. Spread that sentiment throughout your wedding décor, from the venue to the vows and everything in between. And while you're incorporating personality and personal taste into every aspect of your special day, don't forget the detail you (literally) hold closest to your heart. Your wedding bouquet should be many things: beautiful, on-theme, and picture-ready. But ultimately, and most importantly, it should also be incredibly you. So step outside the box and feel free to get creative. Alternative colors, styles, and blooms are all it takes to bring an average arrangement to extraordinary. Whether you're nontraditional or just seeking something new, these bouquets from real weddings are sure to inspire.

This muted and rustic Sarah Winward bouquet cascades not down, but out. And the flower list—including peonies, ranunculus, clematis recta, foxglove, acacia, cafe latte roses, and black elderberry foliage—is anything but ordinary, especially when tied with long, draping ribbons.

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Berry Wedding Bouquet


Pristine pepperberries combine with seeded eucalyptus, roses, and ranunculus for this offbeat and wintry mix by Sidra Forman.

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Succulent Wedding Bouquet

Michael Ash of Ash Imagery

Sturdy succulents replace more delicate blooms in this loosely-assembled, fall-ready Love 'n Fresh Flowers arrangement.

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Untamed Wedding Bouquet

Cambria Grace Photography

White clematis, peonies, eucalyptus, and ferns make a gorgeous backdrop to a large, curling air plant in this piece by Pollen Floral Design.

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Green-and-White Wedding Bouquet


Fresh millet, bay laurel, and succulents come together in this Lily and Co. bouquet full of natural beauty.

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Garden Variety Wedding Bouquet


A variety of flowers such as peonies, roses, wild grasses, passionflower vine, viburnum berries, and nigella make up this interesting arrangement by Kate Holt of Flower Wild.

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Asymmetrical Wedding Bouquet

Ryan Ray

Coral charm and angel cheek peonies sit beside scabiosa, clematis, sweet peas, honeysuckle, and passion vine in this bright and cheerful Bows + Arrows Flowers bouquet.

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Vibrant Wedding Bouquet


Bring sunshine with you wherever you go with an all-yellow collection of roses and craspedia, like this Chantel Flores Design arrangement.

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Green-and-White Wedding Bouquet


Scabiosa, ornithogalum, snowberries, lisianthus flowers, and guinea plumage make up this alternative nosegay.

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Air Plant Wedding Bouquet

Christy Cassano-Meyer

What could be more unique (or sustainable) than a single plant that survives solely on air? If that sounds up your alley, try tillandsia, which is what Solabee used for this bride.

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Monochromatic Wedding Bouquet

Corbin Gurkin

This magenta Matthew Robbins phalaenopsis orchid bouquet proves a single shade is as easy as it is trendy.

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White Wedding Bouquet


Dried blooms from a cotton plant are an unexpected touch in this arrangement of Queen Anne's lace, chamomile flowers, akebia vines, gardenia, dahlias, green zinnias, and mint.

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Astilbes Wedding Bouquet


A stunning single-flower clutch of creamy astilbes has a super-soft textural warmth.

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Anemone Wedding Bouquet


The inky centers of these white poppy anemones are unexpected and gorgeously luxe.

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Bright Wedding Bouquet

Red Peony Wedding Bouquet

Angel grass shoots out from this clutch of sweet peas and fuchsia peonies.

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Leafy Wedding Bouquet


Waxy greenery and local blooms combine for a fresh, summertime vibe in this Brown Paper Design bouquet.

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Sweeping Wedding Bouquet

Krause, Johansen

Dogwood petals and bleeding hearts are homey, charming, and beautifully simple, especially in this The Green Vase bouquet.

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Big-Bloomed Wedding Bouquet

Jessica Antola

A huge, dramatic bloom grabs everyone's attention, and especially when surrounded by an equally eye-catching backdrop, as evidenced by this The Green Vase arrangement.

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Lantern Wedding Bouquet

Trent Bailey Photography

Swap flowers for foliage and a dramatic accessory, like rustic lanterns and forest ferns.

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Mostly-Green Wedding Bouquet


This bouquet is a charming mix of English garden roses, flowering mint stems, olive leaves, fuchsias, and pink pepper berries.

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Fern Wedding Bouquet

StudioAustin Weddings

Umbrella ferns frame caramel Antike garden roses, ranunculus, thistle, and sea grass in this The Nouveau Romantics bouquet by Elizabeth Lewis. Dahlias and geranium and plum foliage are also included.

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Seashell Wedding Bouquet


It's easy to create this beachy bouquet using petal-like shells in various summery hues.

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Porcelain Wedding Bouquet

Daniel Kiyoi

Don't be fooled by these realisticly simple petals. Their porcelain composition is anything but average.

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Wild Wedding Bouquet

Megan Sorel Photography

Golden grasses add farm-ready texture to peonies, heirloom garden roses, and bay leaves in this Flower Wild design by Kate Holt.

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Trailing Wedding Bouquet

Rachel Thurston Photography

Long and overflowing ferns are simply ethereal, and this grouping by Teresa Sena Designs is no exception.

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Glowing Wedding Bouquet


A flame-filled lantern offers warmth and accent lighting.

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Moss Wedding Bouquet

Kate Headley

Fill a saucer with moss and an unassuming tealight for a simple "bouquet" that shines.

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Island Wedding Bouquet

KT Merry

Calla lilly makes this Touch of Paradise Events arrangement special, meshing green and white for a tropical look.

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Vintage-Style Wedding Bouquet

John Kernick

Garden roses, bunny tails, and pink-edged variegated dogwood are wrapped with jacquard ribbon in this bountiful arrangement.

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Pink-and-Peach Wedding Bouquet


Traditional and alternative elements are artfully combined in this FiftyFlowers arrangement of garden roses, paniculata hydrangeas, bittersweet, and scabiosa pods.

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Winter Wedding Bouquet


Nosegays of fir, wild pine, cedar, aspen twigs, and berries are swathed in houndstooth wool for a wintery alternative to a traditional bouquet.

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Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet

Sean Walker Photography

This rustic bouquet includes dried white tea tree, larkspur, ammobiums, lavender, and a few fresh gardenias.

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Kale Wedding Bouquet

Sweet Monday Photography

Megan Fickling of La Partie Events gave this bouquet of light-pink peonies and white garden roses an unexpected element—decorative kale.

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Autumn Wedding Bouquet


The bride and her coworker Matt Muscarella created this foliage-filled spread, which includes dried agapanthus, succulents, silver brunia, copper beech, seedpods, and branches, and is pulled together with a dried Star of Persia.

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Butterfly Wedding Bouquet


Silk and feather creatures secured on thin wires float and flutter realistically in this handmade arrangement by Laura Normandin.

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Soft Wedding Bouquet


Creamy Cymbidium Lionello spills out of a bridal bouquet accented by frothy astilbe and buds of society garlic, finished with white silk-satin ribbon.

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