Why are we only finding out about this now?!
Katie Lowes on "Live! with Kelly"
Credit: "Live! with Kelly" via Youtube

Scandal's Katie Lowes just appeared on Live! With Kelly, and she took the time to reveal something we should've known way sooner. Back in 2012, she had an amazing camp-themed wedding, and trust us when we say that you don't want to miss the details.

"I was a wedding planner's assistant for years," the actress began, which made her steer clear of a too-familiar traditional wedding. "So my husband and I got married at a sleep-away camp in the Berkshires." She and hubby Adam Shapiro rented the entire Club Getaway, invoking full-on summertime nostalgia for their 200+ guests. Among the endless camp-themed details? A variety show, color war, and cabin accommodations, plus a drum circle, fire pit, and ice cream social to boot. "It was the most fun," Lowes shared.

The couple also had an Oreo cake, and we mean that as literally as possible. Shapiro's mom was tasked with building a giant tower of the cookies. "We had a pile of Oreos," Lowes confirmed. "No cake on the inside, just like literally 350 stacked Oreos." We'll give you a moment to see the picture in the video and pick your jaw up off the floor. "I don't love wedding cake, so we were like, 'What's our favorite dessert?'" Lowes recalled, adding "Who doesn't love an Oreo?"

The party ended with the lighting of wish lanterns and a visit from the cops. Turns out that the sugar high from all the kiddie treats got the crowd a bit too rowdy. Now that's an unforgettable wedding-no wonder she's still talking about it!


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