Like how many times your mom cried.
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Credit: Meg Smith

While you'll probably always remember your ceremony kiss, your first dance, and the moment you cut your wedding cake, there are at least 25 other things you absolutely won't remember. From how many times you cried to details about guests' attire, here's a list of things that'll quickly fall off your wedding radar once the big day is over.

All the (happy) tears.

It's a well-known fact that weddings are emotional, but there's no way you'll remember just how many happy tears were shed in honor of your marriage. Not only will you not remember how many times you cried, you also will forget how many times your parents, siblings, best friends, and even your new spouse cried.

The guest who committed a fashion faux pas.

Seeing your new mother-in-law's best friend turn up in a white gown might drive you crazy at the reception, but we promise it's not something you'll really remember in a few years. That's why you're better off letting it go in the moment.

Any tension from the day.

Your wedding day is so busy, and tensions can run high because of nerves. It's extremely common to argue with your mom or sisters while getting ready or to feel stressed out ahead of your walk down the aisle. This has nothing to do with how you feel about getting married, and you'll forget all about that tension after the big day.

Guest list issues.

Whether it's a last-minute no-show or a family member who arrived with an uninvited plus-one, any issues with your guest list can seem major on the big day, but your vendors will be able to work them out. When you think back to the reception, the first thing you remember won't be that table eight had an extra chair squeezed in.

Any last-minute changes.

Those pink peonies you wanted just weren't available, so your florist had to swap in garden roses. When you look at the photos, all you'll see are gorgeous centerpieces, not the missing blooms. Same goes for your linens, chairs, and other decorative elements. While it's disappointing to choose these details and not have them on the wedding day, you won't remember what you initially wanted a few years down the road.​

What the food was like.

You carefully chose your menu-everything from the signature cocktails to dinner and the cake were handpicked!-but you probably won't remember eating any of it on the big day. (Actually, you may not even get a second to eat at all!)


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