Find out which hits she sang.
Credit: C Flanigan

Now this is how you make your wedding truly one of a kind! Lolita Osmanova, daughter of Russian oligarch Eldar Osmanov, just tied the knot, and while there were tons of amazing details at her $10 million celebration (yes, you read that right), the most memorable of all was her A-list wedding singer. Who did the lucky bride and groom tap to provide the soundtrack to their big day? None other than Lady Gaga.

The socialite walked down the aisle toward new husband Gaspar Avdolyan in a wedding venue that was perfectly suited to Lady Gaga's vocal skills-L.A.'s Dolby Theatre, which has also hosted the Academy Awards, BET Awards, and Latin Grammy Awards. According to Billboard, the event also featured a stunning 10-tier wedding cake and about $500,000 worth of floral arrangements. Can you imagine the centerpieces?

Gaga took to the stage in a red gown, and sang several of her biggest hits, including "Bad Romance" and "Marry the Night." A few wedding attendees took to Instagram to share videos from the event, each featuring Gaga herself taking the performance to the next level-as always. This is one artist who can definitely get a wedding guest list on their feet!

Still, that wasn't the only outside the box event the newlyweds had planned for their guests. Billboard shares that Jason Derulo also made an appearance, performing some of his own top hits for the revelers. We can't imagine too many couples out there have the budget to pull this kind of celebration off with ease, but aside from floral walls galore we can't picture a more memorable way to put those wedding funds to use!


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