You don't have to be afraid of using pale hues at your cool-weather wedding.
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Many couples steer clear of pastel wedding color palettes after the summer is over, often feeling that they need to pick richer, deeper hues that connote the season instead. But does the fashion-focused rule of avoiding pale colors after Labor Day actually apply to weddings? There are no etiquette rules that say you can't chose a pastel color palette for a cold-weather wedding, and we fully support any couple who wants to decorate their big day with soft, beautiful flowers, attire, and more. Here, we discuss why you shouldn't be afraid to use pastels in a fall or winter wedding's color palette.

Guests love a white winter wedding.

Maybe it's the way the light falls on the snow, or maybe it's the pristine feel, but there's something really special about an all-white winter wedding. To get the feeling just right, you might encourage guests to wear their best winter whites, while you and your wedding party dress in varying shades of pale pastel hues.

Unexpected color combinations are so much fun to design with.

Guests may be expecting deep, rich hues for a fall or winter wedding, but you're more creative than that. Rather than decorate your venue in the strong reds and golden tones that are synonymous with the cooler seasons, you might bring in a soft blue, blush tone, and pops of a deep ochre color. Let your creative side work some magic here.

The right color palette should be inspired by your venue, not just the season.

If your wedding will take place in a bright, sun-filled space with pale wood floors and white walls, pastel tones would beautifully complement the venue. If there's white snow dusting the ground outside, that's even more reason to stick with softer linen colors, light flowers, and dusty tones throughout the space. In any season, you want to avoid bringing in colors that fight with the existing color palette.

High contrast makes for stunning photos.

When a pale setting features pops of rich, bold color, the contrast can create beautiful imagery. You might choose to incorporate a deep indigo blue into your pastel color palette, or subtle pops of a rich burgundy color. Some couples opt to bring in a metallic as an anchoring color for a pastel palette, while others prefer the depth of a matte black. Just be sure you use this contrasting color minimally so it doesn't start to overpower your beloved pastels.

You don't have to limit yourself to just two colors.

Regardless of the season, limiting yourself to a slim color palette can be stifling. Instead, ask your vendors to utilize the season's bounty without the restrictions of specific colors. For example, rather than telling your florist you want to use specific shades of pastel hues, ask them to guide you toward seasonal blooms that range in color and still create a cohesive look.


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