Get the most bang for your bridal buck.

By Caroline Utz
March 29, 2018
Credit: laflor

If you're looking to change up your workout routine before you walk down the aisle but are afraid of the price tag of boutique fitness studios, fear no more. Now's the time to try the fitness crazes all your friends are raving about. Why now? Cashing in on the bridal fitness market, many popular studios offer discounts and special specifically for engaged women. If you just got the rock, know that you now have access to the deals. Check out three popular boutique studios that offer a little something extra for the bride-to-be looking to get fit for her big day.

Pure Barre

The ballet-based workout that has people across the country lifting, tucking, and burning (LTB-ing for those in the know) offers a special deal for the bride who wants a full-body workout and toned arms, legs, seat, and abs. The Bride-to-Be package is offered at most studios, and though the price varies from city to city, you'll get the same perks: Three months of unlimited Pure Barre Classic and Empower classes. In New York City, the package costs $600, saving clients a total of $285 for three months (when compared to their monthly unlimited package at $295 per month).

Swerve Fitness

If you're into cycling, Swerve Fitness has the bridal deal for you. If you love hard climbs and quick sprints, enroll in the Swerve Elite Membership up to 12-months before your weddings. This package includes unlimited rides, $1 off smoothies, and two guest passes per month, perfect for a morning spent with your bridesmaids. Other perks include a welcome bag filled with gifts from their wedding partners and a chance to book a complimentary wedding ride with your entire bridal party during one of their regularly scheduled classes. This package evens out to $295 per month or $250 per month if you can convince your hubby-to-be to ride along. Best part? Elite Memberships usually go for $325 per month, saving you $30 in the process.

Exhale Spa

For our New York City-based brides, look no further than Exhale Spa. The spa, yoga, and barre studio offers bridal boot camps for 6 or 12 weeks before your wedding. Both programs include unlimited Core Fusion and yoga classes, a weekly meeting with a Mind Body Manager, a series of three facials, a signature 60-minute Fusion Massage, and a complimentary private group Core Fusion or yoga class for you and your bridal party. The 12-week program includes another 6 weeks of unlimited Core Fusion and yoga classes, another facial, and a nutritional consultation with a certified nutritionist. While neither program could qualify as "affordable" (the 6-week program is $700 and the 12-week goes for $1000), a single Core Fusion class is $37 in New York and one 60-minute Fusion massage is $140. For a toned body plus facials and massages for relaxation, the Exhale Spa is the way to go.


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