25 Beautiful Purple Wedding Bouquets We Love

purple bouquet with garden roses anemones hyacinth
Susie and Becky Photography

As you work with your florist to choose a color palette for your bouquet, consider something unexpected. Purple arrangements may not often make their way down the aisle, but choosing flowers in this bold hue is one of the easiest ways to ensure your bouquet makes a statement. What you may not realize is that many of your favorite flowers—including roses, lilacs, anemones, dahlias, orchids, and hydrangeas—are all readily available in shades of purple. Even better, you can find them year-round.

Because there are so many different shades of purple—everything from the palest lavender to the deepest plum are fair game for wedding flowers—the hue is incredibly versatile. We especially love to see purple paired with its complementary color—yellow—for a more romantic feel, but think it looks just as good as a bright pop in an all-white bouquet. And if you really love this color, go big with a monochromatic bouquet, as Petals by the Shore did here. The pros showcased many of purple's different shades in the form of anemones, roses, sweet peas, tulips, and hyacinth.

Another reason the color is so versatile? The fact that so many different flowers are naturally available purple tones means you can pick and choose the blooms that work best with your wedding style. For a classic look, consider garden roses or dahlias in a pale shade. For something a little more modern, ask you florist to work with deep plum orchids or anemones. Simply put, this color won't look out of place on your big day regardless of your personal style.

If you're still not sure how to bring the right amount of purple into your bouquet, we've rounded up some of our favorite arrangements. Let these beautiful mixes inspire your own.

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Gathered Lilacs

bouquet with lilacs
Lauren Fair Photography

If you love purple, take note of this bride's bouquet. Oleander Curated used only lilacs to bring this arrangement to life.

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bouquet with purple and white flowers and greenery
Ashley Ludaescher Photography

Mary Lennox created this effortless look by pairing dark purple and white sweet peas with lavender clematis. The final mix had an ombré effect.

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Loose, Moody Mix

bouquet with lilacs and purple flowers
Elisa Bricker

A single white garden rose was the perfect bright addition to this Gathering Events display of purple blooms. The moody mix included lilacs, clematis, hellebore, and dahlias.

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Dark Purples

dark purple bouquet with greenery ranunculus
Michael Radford

Greenery lightened up this otherwise moody Art With Nature arrangement of deep purple ranunculus, clematis, and lilac.

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Cascading Clematis

cascade bouquet with peonies purple flowers
Maranda Elysse Photography

Art in Bloem paired three different colors of trailing clematis with deep-hued greenery in this stunning cascading arrangement. A few light peonies tied the entire look together.

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Two-Toned Blooms

bouquet with lilacs
Laura Murray Photography

This combination of pale purple lilacs and all-white spirea, arranged here by Prema, produced the ultimate two-toned bouquet. A few well-placed clematis, roses, and ranunculus rounded out the look.

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Deep-Hued Bouquet

samantha michael wedding bouquet
Ryan Ray Photography

If you're tying the knot over the winter, you may want to copy this bride's deep-hued bouquet. Packed with purple anemones, sweet peas, orchids, and berries, the mix felt perfect for a cold-weather affair.

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Purple and Peach

bouquet with lilacs and orange garden roses
Rachael Smith Photography

In this bouquet, Fox & Flora accented purple lilacs, roses, and clematis with a few peach and white garden roses. The unexpected mix had an almost handpicked vibe.

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Purple Roses

bouquet with large purple garden roses
Julie Paisley Photography

Large lavender roses were the focal point in this bouquet by Janna Brown Designs, but sprays of lilac gave it lots of movement.

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Cascading Lilacs

bouquet with lilacs and garden roses
Olivia Richards

While there were plenty of different blooms—including peonies, hellebore, and tulips—in this Freckled Floral arrangement, it was the cascading lilacs that really stood out. The trailing purple ribbon also helped to reinforce the bouquet's purple color palette.

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Purple and Yellow

bouquet with lilacs yellow garden roses
Caroline Tran Photography

Kelly Oshiro played with complementary tones when creating this bouquet. Purple lilacs, sweet peas, and tulips were paired with yellow garden roses and ranunculus to stunning effect.

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An Organic Mix

bouquet with purple garden roses
Heather Hawkins Photography

Bows and Arrows created this large, organic bouquet of purple and white roses, lilacs, and peonies. Its loose style was a nice contrast to the classic mix of blooms.

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Light Green and Purple

bouquet with purple garden roses
Vita Photography

CJH Florals created a purple-and-white color palette using lavender-hued garden roses and white blooms.

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Unexpected Succulent

bouquet with purple garden roses and succulent
Wonderlust Studios

Fresh flowers aren't the only option for adding a pop of purple to your bouquet. Here, The Lillipillian added a purple succulent to an arrangement of dahlias, garden roses, and lavender.

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Statement Rose

wedding bouquet
Koby Brown

A large, purple garden rose stood out in this bouquet of scabiosa, ranunculus, Japanese anemone, and blushing bride protea.

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A Bed of Purple

bouquet with pink peonies and lavender
Brklyn View Photography

Blush Designs created a contrasting bouquet by mixing blush and white peonies with sprigs of lavender.

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White and Purple

bouquet with white peonies and purple flowers
Bryan Sargent Photography

This purple-and-white bouquet of orchids, roses, and peonies created by Bloom by Melanie was a perfect fit for a spring wedding.

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Moody Colors

bouquet with maroon ranunculus
Bia Sampaio

The moody purples in this bride's bouquet of ranunculus, anemones, and berries made it winter-appropriate.

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Purple Anemone

bouquet with purple anemones
Jenny Fu

Mibellarosa created this stunning bouquet by pairing purple anemones with lilacs and white peonies.

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Calla Lilies

bouquet with dark purple calla lilies
Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography

Although this Folly Flowers and Joy arrangement was comprised entirely of purple calla lilies, it still made a statement.

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Blue and Purple

bouquet with purple and blue flowers
Sierra Ashleigh Photography

Although small, this bouquet of blue and purple blooms by Ponderosa and Thyme made a big impact. An indigo ribbon—a mix of both colors—was the perfect way to bring both hues together.

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Dark Purple and Green

bouquet with lavender and greenery
Emma Freeman Photography

This bride put this bouquet of lavender and greenery together herself, and the result was undeniably beautiful.

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Purple Orchids

bouquet with purple orchids
Melanie Duerkopp Photography

Amy Burke Designs made sure purple was front and center in this bride's bouquet by filling it with two-toned orchids.

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Small and Simple

bouquet with lavender and purple flowers
Cassandra Lane Photography

Lavender and soft purple sweet peas made up the bulk of this sweet, simple spray.

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Dreamy Orchids

bouquet with purple orchids
Melissa Jill Photography

There was no way guests wouldn't notice this vibrant Sarah's Garden posy, which contained magenta orchids and purple-centered calla lilies.

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