There are a lot of rumors…
Corinne Olympios from The Bachelor Season 21
Credit: Corinne Olympios via Instagram

She may be gone from The Bachelor, but Corinne Olympios will never be forgotten-especially when there are a number of engagement rumors are swirling around! A little more than a month ago Corinne was seen wearing an engagement ring that ended up not being hers. But maybe the notorious Bachelor contestant was trying it on for her future ring, because now she apparently may already have one from an on-again-off-again relationship of three years. Us Weekly spoke with one of Corinne's former flings, Keith Berman, about the engagement rumor, which he says is true.

"She literally pressed upon the fact to me that they were still together," Berman told the magazine of Corinne and her mystery fiancé. "She said to me, 'We're still together. I don't want anyone to know-you have to keep this a secret for me.' And I said, 'OK, I'll do whatever you want.' That was what she had told me in person." Berman also believes she has kept this a secret because she doesn't want people thinking she went on The Bachelor for the wrong reasons.

Amid the rumors, Corinne did tell Us Weekly, "I'm not engaged." When asked about the allegations she responded, "I don't know. I'm hearing so many different things. It's just that people love to talk, I guess." The contestant also added she is not dating anyone right now, and is open to appearing on Bachelor in Paradise, which airs in the summer. Knowing how real (and tired) Corinne is, it seems unlikely she would keep such exciting news from her fans, bringing us to believe she'll need her bathing suit-and a lot of cheesy pasta-for this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Hey, they could even be setting up this season's juiciest storyline! We'll have to wait and see how the on and off-screen drama plays out.


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