Artist and calligrapher Grace Connell decorates her hand-painted wedding invitations with flowers because she believes brides and flowers have a lot in common: uniqueness, gentility, strength, romance, and light. She also loves flowers for their sheer variety, offering countless colors and species to showcase. Grace's elegant and intricate invitations begin with a simple line drawing on tracing paper, which she scans into a computer and adjusts with photo-editing software. She prefers using gouache for her invitations because it has the opaque quality of watercolors, but a stronger body. Grace often mixes silver and gold pigments into the gouache and likes to layer colors to create the impression of depth. Although she does some of her painting freehand, Grace usually sends a basic outline to an engraver and then fills in the fine details and colors herself, giving each invitation meticulous attention. In addition to wedding invitations, Grace also creates items such as place cards and menus.


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