Your flower girl will be thrilled to have her own crown made of (what else?) flowers! Going faux means your littlest attendant's accessory will last from the walk down the aisle to her twirls on the dance floor. Plus, she can take the hair band home as a keepsake to remember your day by.

April 25, 2016
Bryan Gardner


  • Oasis Rustic wire, 18 gauge
  • Boxwood garland
  • Slow cooker
  • Wax pellets
  • Plastic container
  • Mini ranunculus bush
  • Glue gun
  • Silk ribbon
Bryan Gardner


  • Create a loop on each end of the floral wire.
  • Wrap wire with garland; bend into a circle.
  • Heat water in slow cooker on low. Put wax pellets in plastic container and place in water to melt.
  • Dip ranunculus in melted wax; let dry.
  • Hot-glue flowers to crown.
  • Thread ribbon through the loops and tie in a bow.


Oasis Rustic wire, $9,; boxwood garland, $9 for 25ft,; wax pellets, $9 for 1lb bag,; mini ranunculus bush, $8,; silk ribbon (Mobuka Style #1400, color 31, 2in), $13.21/yd,


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