How to Create a DIY Faux Flower Wall for Your Wedding

This eye-grabbing backdrop project is so simple.

Photo: Bryan Gardner

If you've scrolled through Pinterest wedding boards, you've likely noticed a recurring décor motif: flower walls. If you love the look of these lush floral backdrops, but want to save on the cost of roses, peonies, and gardenias, consider artificial flowers-they create an equally-lush look for so much less. Luckily, we've done the research and created a five-step guide for turning a trellis and some spray-painted silk flowers into a vibrant wedding backdrop.

Let's start with your supplies. In addition to a pipe-and-drape kit (this will serve as the basis of your structure!), you'll also need two veranda white vinyl trellises, zip ties, acrylic spray paint, faux fiscus leaves, and faux flowers (of your choosing!). Pro tip: Before sourcing your blooms, check out have just about every flower type in silk form and their color selection is endless.

Bryan Gardner

After you've gathered your materials, you'll want to start by setting up your pipe-and-drape kit (be sure to follow the manufacterer's directions). Next up? Attach the top of your trellises to the horizontal pipe with zip ties-you'll need one tie per opening.

And now for the creative part. Following the construction work, spray paint your leaves and two-thirds of your flowers, leaving a third of the blooms white. When your buds and greens are dry (we recommend waiting overnight), use the zip ties to attach the leaves to the trellis-this will serve as your base. Lastly, add in your flowers by threading their stems between the leaf base and the trellis. And voilà! A made-by-you faux flower wall that'll serve as a romantic backdrop for your service or as a photobooth background for your guests.

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