A couple found the 1960s keepsake hidden in their ceiling.
Mystery Wedding Invitation


Home renovations usually come with surprises-for proof, tune in to any remodeling show. But concealed pipes and structural revelations aren't the only things that could be hiding in your walls. One Florida couple was astonished to uncover decades-old wedding memorabilia stashed in their ceiling.

The pair, who are currently undergoing a kitchen reno, found a bound-up book in the space's insulation, reports PIX 11. The yellowed-with-age cover read "Our Children's Wedding," meaning the memento belonged to parents. Inside were photographs from the celebration, plus a wedding invitation that clued its discovers in on its history. The nuptials appear to be those of Joseph and Marguerite Gargiulo, with the wedding date marked as September 14, 1963. The ceremony took place in Woodhaven, New York, with a reception held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Megan Kapsidis, who found the album, is now looking for the keepsake's rightful owners. "I want to return this album to [the couple] or their family! Spread the word!" she wrote on Facebook. Though social media commentators have offered leads, Kapsidis has yet to find anything concrete. The couple, who PIX 11 says would hate to lose their own wedding album, is adamant about locating someone to give it to.

If you have any information, reach out to Kapsidis on Facebook, and maybe explore your own home's nooks and crannies-clearly, you can never know what you're going to find!


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