The lip kit queen aided in a surprise proposal.
Kylie Jenner Hugging Assistant Victoria Villarroel Gamero
Credit: Victoria Villarroel Gamero via Instagram

We imagine many perks come with being Kylie Jenner's assistant, namely an endless supply of lip kits and access to the luxe lives of the Kardashian Klan. But the youngest Jenner's recent stunt proves she and Victoria Villarroel Gamero are more than professional acquaintances-based on the fact that she helped plan Gamero's engagement, we'd say the two are top-notch friends.

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Jenner's Snapchat and Instagram exploded this weekend with a series of videos from the secret proposal. There was a heart made of pink candles (how romantic) and a gorgeous sunset backdrop to boot.

A video posted to Jenner's Instagram features the young entrepreneur basking in her success. As the camera pans over the star, someone says, "Shout out to the mastermind right here." Later in the clip, Jenner asks Gamero if she was tricked, and her assistant nods "yeah."

Gamero also posted about the event, sharing a sweet hug-shot of the girls with an ultra-thankful caption.

And it looks like the festivities didn't stop there, with later pics showcasing what appears to be a follow-up engagement party.

Gamero said yes to Marco Lobo, a current soccer coach and former soccer pro. He took to Instagram to express his joy as well, captioning the photo "a dream come true."

Does this make Jenner an engagement fairy godmother? We think so!

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