With so much going on as the big day approaches, finding the best moment is crucial.
jen geoff wedding couple with parents
Credit: Kate Headley

Your parents have been so supportive and generous as you planned your wedding-and throughout your entire life!-that you want to show your gratitude by giving them gifts ahead of the wedding. Your groom's parents have been just as wonderful, so you want to thank them for all of their help throughout the wedding planning process, too. Should you wait until the wedding morning to present both set of parents with gifts, or is there a better time when the schedule isn't so tight? Check out your options.

At the Rehearsal Dinner

This is the most popular time to give them gifts. You're probably already planning to give gifts to your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of the wedding party at the rehearsal dinner, so it makes sense to give both sets of parents any tokens of appreciation then, too.

The Wedding Morning

Things will get very busy quickly so plan on giving your parents their gifts early on. Try to find a time when you and your mom are alone, so you can tell her how much she means to you, and you can both have a good cry. The same goes for your dad-have him come to wherever you're getting dressed early so if emotions run high, there's time for everyone to regain their composure and you won't be worried about ruining your makeup!

The Morning After the Wedding

Unless you're leaving for the honeymoon immediately after the reception or early the next day, consider a post-wedding gift presentation; if you're doing a brunch for guests, this is an ideal time. Everyone will be relaxed as you can rehash the high points of the wedding with them.

After the Honeymoon

Another option is to wait until you get back from the honeymoon. Invite them over for dinner, use some of your new dishes or appliances, and hand over their gifts.


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