Whether you want to create a focal wall or keep it simple, here's what to do with those beautiful snapshots.

By Alyssa Brown
March 27, 2019

Showcasing your engagement photos at your wedding is a great way to ensure all of your family members and friends have a chance to see them. You can create a focal wall during your cocktail hour that's filled with photos, stack a few bookshelves with prints and accessories in your reception's lounge area, or keep it simple with prints hanging from on twine at the ceremony entrance. Whatever display you opt for, here are a few tips to make your engagement photos pop.

Order the prints through your photographer.

Ordering professional prints ensures you'll have the best quality prints and allows your photographer to have full control over color, contrast, and more. Skip the temptation to save this until the last minute though, as this option can take more time than ordering prints at your local drugstore.

Have fun with sizing, textures, and framing.

You might opt to mix tintype prints, canvas prints, and matte prints in a combination of sizes and orientations, depending on the style of your wedding. Mixed frames can add great texture if you're hanging the photos on a flat wall or setting them on a table, while black and white photography adds a nice grounding element to the mix if you're stacking the photos on a shelf. If your photos are feeling a little haphazard with too many colors and styles, selecting simple, matching frames is an easy way to make the overall look feel more cohesive.

Consider a guest book.

If you're short on walls or stations where you can bring in a big photo print installation, check out your album options with your photographer. This printed, professional grade album could double as a guest book, or could be neatly placed in a lounge area for guests to look through while they're taking a break from the dance floor.

Include engagement photos in printed materials.

A subtle way to include just a few of your engagement photos is to add them into some of the printed materials for your wedding. This could be something as simple as a photo on the back of your wedding welcome note, on the tag of your wedding favors, or as part of your escort card display.

Mix in some family portraits and photos of friends.

Your wedding, like your love, is very much a reflection of those around you who support your relationship through thick and thin. So, rather than displaying only photos of the two of you, you might opt to include some prints of vacations you've taken with friends, family holiday gatherings, your pets, and all the other elements that have led up to this day.


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