The family was spotted publicly for the first time together.
george and amal clooney with baby bump
Credit: Getty Images

Ella and Alexander Clooney are out and about! The new babies have finally made their first public appearance. Both kids were just spotted being carried by their famous parents, and it looks as if the family's in good spirits.

TMZ reports that George and Amal Clooney were recently photographed carrying their two children. The couple was seen exiting a private jet with their son and daughter in tow. Each baby had their own bassinet, both of which were white and frilly. Like any good parents, George and Amal split the work, each holding one of the twins. Though the images fail to show the babies themselves, it's good to see how happy the family looks together. The foursome had just touched down in Milan when paparazzi caught them in action. As People notes, they own a Lake Como home, so it's possible they were traveling there to spend some time in peace.

After the birth of Ella and Alexander, Amal's mother told People that her daughter and son-in-law were naturals. "Oh my God, they were so beautiful, so happy, so contented," she said. "You just look at them and you feel like they've been a mother and father for their whole lives." If TMZ's photos are indication, it looks like she was right.

The twins hit the one-month mark tomorrow, having been born on June 6th. If their lives are this luxurious already, we can only imagine what's in store!


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