Boozy Favors to Keep the Party Going Post-Wedding

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Everyone loves a good bottle of wine, right?

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Heather Waraksa

Choosing your wedding favor can be tricky. You want to give wedding guests something they'll actually use, but you also want it to be unique to your special day. Enter the boozy wedding favor. Alcoholic favors are always a crowd pleaser, and they're super easy to personalize. (Just add a monogrammed label or wrap it in cute packaging.) Here, a few of our favorite boozy finds that your friends and family will most definitely appreciate.

For her Brooklyn wedding, this bride had Breuckelen Distilling hand-fill round mini bottles with gin as favors for the wedding guests. Every bottle came with foil-stamped tags and stickers that the bride designed herself on For Your Party.

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Sparkling Wine Wedding Favors

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Bryan Gardner

Take "brown-bagging it" to the next level with these adorable individual mini boxed-up sparkling wine bottles. Tuck each bottle into kraft-paper covers, downloadable here. Attach cheerful red straws to each for easy sipping.

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Cocktail Ingredient Wedding Favors

Pablo Béglez

Guests at this wedding in the Canary Islands received muslin pouches filled with the ingredients for a "Canarian" Manhattan, which included Arehucas, a local rum, to replace the traditional bourbon. The Manhattan represented the couple's hometown of New York City as well as an ode to the groom's grandmother, who loved the cocktail.

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Tequila Wedding Favors

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Mi Belle Photography

To celebrate their Mexican wedding, this couple gave out bottles of tequila, tied with colorful ribbon and "Salud!" labels, and wrapped in netting.

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Mini Nightcap Wedding Favors

Bryan Gardner

This couple ended their celebration with "tropical nightcaps." Each guest received mini bottles of locally distilled dark rum tied with calligraphed tags as they went home from this Hawaiian wedding.

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Custom Cocktail Bottle Wedding Favors

Bryan Gardner

Send guests home with a personalized signature drink that's truly unique to your day: Package the cocktail in an empty bottle, which you can easily buy on Amazon or other mass retailers. Then, adorn it with your monogram or wedding logo. Revelers will be able to toast you and your groom even after the big day is over.

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Boozy Seltzer Wedding Favors


Don't feel like DIYing your own? No problem. Provide guests with a premade boozy concoction that comes in a cute bottle. We like SpikedSeltzer's twist-off bottles and slim cans ($8.99 for six), which come in four refreshing flavors including Cape Cod Cranberry, Valencia Orange, Indian River Grapefruit, and West Indies Lime. Plus, the fun mermaid logo is practically made for a beach wedding.

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Spiked Lemonade Wedding Favors

Cambria Grace Photography

At this non-traditional wedding in an art museum, guests were able to enjoy, and take home, bottles of yummy vodka lemonade.

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Bottled Rosé Cider Wedding Favors

Bryan Gardner

These mini bottles of rosé cider make for the perfect summertime favor. Customize the bottles with our label, and add a pretty watercolor brushstroke for an elegant touch.

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Raspberry Infused Vodka Wedding Favors

Raymond Hom

With this awesome raspberry infused vodka recipe, you can add a colorful signature drink to your menu, like a Rasmopolitan cocktail, or pour it into bottles (we love these from, to give away as a fun, boozy favor.

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Limoncello Wedding Favors


At their wedding in Rome, this couple gave out Limoncello, a lemon liquor from Italy, packaged in customized bottles featuring a sweet thank-you note from the newlyweds on the back, and tied with an elegant yellow ribbon.

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Mini Wine Bottles Wedding Favors

KT Merry

For their Tuscan wedding, this couple gave out mini bottles of "Le Difese" and "San Lorenzo" wine from a local vineyard sealed in a personalized carry bag.

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Homemade Wine Wedding Favors


Guests took home bottles of wine made by the groom's father and uncle, which featured illustrated labels drawn by the groom and a few Croatian phrases like "celebrate," "play," and "cheers," to pay homage to the history of wine-makers in the groom's family and his Croatian heritage.

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