Your love story is one-of-a-kind! Here are six ways to share it with your wedding guests.
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You and your soon-to-be husband or wife have unique love story, but there's a good chance at least a portion of your wedding guests won't know how you two met and became a couple. If you want to share your "how we met" moment during the wedding, we fully support you. After all, including such a sweet tale is a great way to further personalize your ceremony or reception-and you'll tug at the heartstrings of family and friends, too! Here, some of our favorite ways to share how you met-whether through friends or on a dating app-on the big day.

Your Wedding Vows

If you're writing your own vows, take the opportunity to share your love story with wedding guests. Preparing the script should be easy since you experienced the moments first-hand, and your spouse will appreciate the nostalgic trip down memory lane. The story can be comedic, heartfelt, or both! Just try to keep it concise; standing at the altar may not be the ideal time to divulge the play-by-play of your first conversation. If you're opting for traditional vows instead, consider asking your officiant to share some words on the relationship's humble beginnings.

Wedding Website

Many couples make a wedding website in order to share information about their big day with their guests. These virtual destinations are the perfect place to share your love story, especially since guests will look at it multiple times in the months leading up to your wedding. Don't be afraid to get creative-photos, cute anecdotes, and timelines will give family and friends a first-hand look into your relationship.

Ceremony Programs

Your ceremony program is one of the best places to give guests a little information about your backstory. Your loved ones will enjoy reading a relationship recap before the nuptials, since most probably don't know the intimate details. Plus, a love story is more interesting to read than, say, the names of the bridal party or the ceremony itinerary.


If one of your wedding guests had a major role in your relationship, they can share the story during a wedding toast. Make sure to go over the details beforehand to ensure he/she has the facts straight. Then sit back, relax, and relive the moment with all your nearest and dearest.

Photos and Decorations

A picture says a thousand words, and images can also show your relationship's growth through the years. Hang photos throughout the reception venue, compile a photo album to place near the guest book, or project a slideshow over the dance floor. The options are endless!

Video Montage

A romantic, one-of-kind love story sets the tone for an unforgettable reception. If you really value your "how we met" story, play a video montage for your guests. The video can contain images and clips from all stages of your relationship, kept to a short length (five minutes or less). Play the video right before the first dance, and you'll be met with smiling faces throughout the room.


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