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From thread count and materials to choosing one set both you and your spouse-to-be love, registering for sheets can be overwhelming. I can proudly say my now-husband and I pulled through the struggle, but now that I officially work alongside bedding experts at Zola, I thought I'd share some sheet talk with all of you. Here's everything you need to know-and, frankly, what I wish I knew!-before settling on your set sheets.

What does thread count really mean?

Thread count refers to the number of warp and weft per square inch. What's warp and weft? Think of it as the lengthwise and horizontal threads that are woven together. So you'd assume that the higher thread count, the more threads, the better the sheets, right? Total myth. What really makes high-quality sheets is, yes, thread count, but also the type of cotton, weave, and finish, too.

Long staple cotton, for example, is highly desirable because it doesn't leave tiny little frays or pill over time which can leave your sheets feeling bumpy, fuzzy, and overall yucky. The weave gives you different feels. A percale weave (like Coyuchi's 220 Percale Organic Collection) is cool and crisp, while a sateen (we love BrookeLinen's Luxe 4-Piece Core Sheet Set) is silky and smooth. And finally, every factory has its own finishing technique, mostly all proprietary secret sauce. Factories in Italy have been manufacturing for hundreds of years and because of that, are recognized for producing the most luxurious and well-made sheets.

Which materials are the softest?

You can't go wrong with 100% cotton. If you love this classic material, try the Under The Canopy Urban Edgelands Organic Sheet Set. But microfiber or polyblends are great, too, and we like the Malouf Double Brushed 4-Piece Microfiber Sheet Set. Craving a lived-in feeling? Try a linen or linen-blend set.

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Credit: Courtesy of Zola

How many sets should we register for?

Zola's resident bedding expert, Connie Kim, recommends registering for more than two (but less than four) sets, which covers backups for when you're washing, plus cooler summer sheets and silkier luxurious winter sheets. But you don't have to buy in sets, if you prefer. You can buy individual fitted sheets, flat sheets, or pillowcases to mix and match.

Are there other bedroom essentials that you should register for?

Your bedroom should be an absolute retreat, so decorate it with anything and everything that helps you relax. Aromatherapy sprays-like the Malouf All Natural Chamomile Spray-are trending and I highly recommend registering for one if you have difficulty sleeping. If you're looking to upgrade more than just your sheets, think about adding a few new pillows to your registry (you can't go wrong with Yves Delorme Down Feather Pillow), or even choosing a headboard (Safavieh Arched Nailhead Headboard is so gorgeous). To top things off, a throw like the Loloi Rugs Iris Throw will add texture or color to your bedding. If choosing color schemes or creating a cohesive look is daunting for you, you can register for full bedding sets, like the Pom Pom At Home - Jackson Collection or Rachel Ashwell Paradise Floral Collection.


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