One statement has everyone predicting the date.

By Emily Platt
January 08, 2018
emily vancamp josh bowman

In May of 2017, Emily VanCamp revealed that she and actor Josh Bowman were engaged with an Instagram snapshot showcasing her new ring. Now that it's been a few months since the announcement, fans are getting antsy about the pair's wedding plans, so E! News just checked in with the actress for an update. As it turns out, the couple doesn't really have one.

When asked if they've started prepping for their big day, VanCamp let reporters know that they "haven't had any time." "We've been working in different countries," The Resident star revealed. "We're just taking our time with it." Nevertheless, when asked about the possibility of them tying the knot this year, she responded, "Maybe."

The ambiguous answer has many wondering if her celebration will be sooner than she's letting on. According to a post VanCamp shared in October, she and Bowman have been together for over six years, which could mean one of two things: Either they're just as impatient to finally marry as their fan base is to see it happen, or they don't mind waiting a little longer, considering that they've come this far already.

In the past, VanCamp and Bowman have kept their relationship relatively under wraps. It makes sense, then, that they're being coy about their wedding date. Regardless, they're clearly enjoying their time as fiancés. Over the holidays, they posted a "family" photo on Instagram, of them with their dog in front of a Christmas tree. The trio make an adorable group, as other images of the three go to show.


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