The moment took place on Valentine's Day, thousands of feet up in the air.
katy perry and orlando bloom on red carpet
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Katy Perry is finally opening up about Orlando Bloom's Valentine's Day proposal. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the singer revealed how the moment happened-and how the aftermath didn't go exactly as planned.

As for how the proposal actually unfolded? Bloom took Perry for a surprise post-dinner helicopter ride, which is where he ultimately popped the question (while the couple was in the air!). However, there was a tiny hiccup: After the actor proposed-he presented Perry a prepared note-he reached for the ring, accidentally spilling a nearby bottle of Champagne. "So I'm reading [the note] but I'm hearing the Champagne is broken and the bottle's everywhere…he's pulling out this box that's too big for his coat pocket, rips his coat pocket and his elbow goes into the Champagne." But mishap aside, the proposal did have a sweet ending. "We landed on a rooftop [in Los Angeles]-my whole family was there, and all my friends," Perry recalled. "He did so well."

The singer took to Instagram shortly after the proposal to debut her unique engagement ring. It features a large gemstone surround by eight large diamonds. As it turns out, Perry had a hand in selecting the ring. "I voiced my opinions," Perry told Kimmel.

Before Bloom presented Perry with the ring, however, he followed tradition and asked his future bride's parent's permission. Though Perry was surprised by Bloom's incredible proposal, the couple has allegedly been discussing marriage for a long time. "They've been talking about getting engaged for a while. After reconciling Katy has felt very secure with Orlando and they both knew it was different this time," a source told People earlier this month. "They made their relationship a priority and both of them literally flew all around the world to keep their relationship strong."


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