Stephen Baldwin continues to have a big role in the couple's relationship.

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We already know that Stephen Baldwin introduced his daughter, Hailey Baldwin, to her now-fiancé Justin Bieber. And now that they're engaged, it's clear that the model's dad plays an even bigger role in the couple's relationship than fans originally thought. Apparently, Bieber kept things old-school when he proposed. Multiple sources have reported that the singer asked Baldwin's father for permission before popping the question. The news further proves that Bieber's proposal was planned, rather than out of the blue.

"Justin wanted to respect tradition, so a couple weeks ago, while him and Hailey were visiting New York, Justin set aside some time to talk with Stephen," a source told Entertainment Tonight. "Stephen is a minister, so Justin knew it was important to Stephen that the two have a conversation before he proposed to Hailey," the insider added.

According to the source, "Justin and Stephen talked about relationships, sacrifice, and religion, and ultimately Stephen gave Justin his blessing to propose to Hailey." The source went on to say, "Justin and Stephen have always had a close relationship," so it was only natural that Bieber asked his future wife's father for permission.

"Justin wanted to show his future father-in-law how serious he is about his future with Hailey," the insider explained. Of course, for that, all Mr. Baldwin had to do was check out Bieber's Instagram feed! Yesterday, the happy fiancé confirmed the couple's engagement and poured his heart out to the model. "You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin," he gushed, "and I wouldn't want to spend it with anybody else."


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