Is this season of The Bachelor spoiled already?
Corinne Olympios from The Bachelor Season 21
Credit: Corinne Olympios via Instagram

This past weekend, the Bachelor contestant everyone loves to hate, Corinne Olympios, spent some time in New York City. While her Instagrams boast a lot of shopping and partying, another picture reveals a new piece of jewelry no one was expecting to see-a ring on her left ring finger. Naturally, everyone is freaking out: could this one picture spoil this season of The Bachelor?

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While out and about in NYC, Corinne and Claudia Oshry, the girl behind the "Girl With No Job" Instagram account, took a photo together, in which The Bachelor contestant is clearly rocking a sparkly piece of bling on that finger. Both ABC and Warner Brothers stated they would not be commenting on the photo, ET reports. So we-and the rest Bachelor Nation-obviously have some questions for the sneaky 24-year-old.

The Bachelor franchise has historically been strict about hiding who receives the final rose as the series is running. In fact, the newly engaged couple is encouraged to spend time apart until the finale airs and the winner can't wear her ring in public. So while it's clear Corinne was without Bachelor Nick Viall this weekend, wearing that ring might not be what we're all thinking it is. Plus, Corinne could have just worn that gem to stir things up (we've all seen her on TV-girlfriend is capable of anything).

There's also the possibility that Corinne is engaged-just not to Nick. While we're eager to know what's actually happening, there's no way we won't stop watching (cue Chris Harrison's voice) this dramatic season of The Bachelor!

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