The couple is approaching their 70th wedding anniversary.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's 70th wedding anniversary, People is diving into the couple's romance. In this week's cover story, the media outlet described what the spouses are like all these years after tying the knot.

At an event earlier this year, attendees were able to witness their relationship firsthand. According to a source, the couple's behavior made it clear how much they rely on each other, even today. "Part of the reason she keeps going so steadily is that she has him there beside her," the guest said of the queen. "They're a great team, and that's still the case."

What keeps the royal pair so connected, even after seven decades? "He's someone who can be frank and someone she can have a laugh with," People quoted biographer Robert Hardman as saying. Despite rumors and tensions throughout their married years, the couple always landed on common ground.

Not only have Elizabeth and Philip been married for almost 70 years, but the former first fell for her husband when she was only 13-he was 18. The couple got married on November 20th, 1947. Since then, they've been by each other's sides through momentous occasions, like in 2015, when Elizabeth became England's longest reigning monarch. They also watched their famous grandchild, Prince William, marry Duchess Kate back in 2011. Will they see his brother, Prince Harry, get married to Meghan Markle? Only time will tell.


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