Carrie Bradshaw's signature sapphire pumps just got an anniversary makeover.

By Sarah Schreiber
November 07, 2018
manolo blahnik hangisi decade of love new york city collection blue shoe
Credit: Courtesy of Manolo Blahnik

Sex and the City has become nearly synonymous with Manolo Blahnik. It's no wonder, when you consider Carrie Bradshaw's series-long love affair with the brand. The fictional icon even chose the label for her wedding shoes, which were a gift from Mr. Big (he clearly knew his bride-to-be best!). Her sapphire pumps, which featured the tell-tale Blahnik buckle, went on to become a global phenomenon-one that's inspired countless brides who have all donned Bradshaw's exact pair on their own wedding days. And why not? They're the ultimate "something blue" for the contemporary-meets-classic woman of the hour.

This rings especially true, today. It's been 10 years since Bradshaw slipped into her Hangisis (the real-life style name!) for her courthouse nuptials, but the shoe has never lost its bridal appeal. That's exactly why Manolo Blahnik is launching their "Decade of Love" collection, a seven-style, limited edition series that will serve as an homage to both Bradshaw's legacy and the show's setting-New York City. We asked a Manolo Blahnik brand representative to give us an inside look into the brand's latest debut. Ahead, everything you need to know about the whimsical shoes, including their history within the context of Sex and the City, their evolution over the last decade, and, most importantly, where to get your hands on the collection before it's gone.

Sex and the City's connection to Manolo Blahnik was written into the show's core.

This makes sense when you consider that Carrie's love of fashion (and particularly, Manolo Blahniks!) preceded her relationship with Mr. Big. Turns out, Candace Bushnell, the writer of the book Sex and the City-a collection of essays based on Bushnell's life-established the connection between love and fashion long before the stories were translated for television. Bushnell (and later, Bradshaw) was searching for the very best, both in love and labels. This naturally led her to Manolo Blahnik-and eventually the Hangisi!-which signified that "never-settle" mentality, adds the source.

The Hangisi has only gotten better since Carrie put the shoe on the map.

Though the shape of the shoe has never changed, the Hangisi family has only expanded, says the representative. Today, the style is available in a wider range of heel heights (flat, 30, 50, 70, 90, 105, and 115mm) and fabrics (like tweed, lace, and brocades!). Special seasonal buckles have also diversified the shoe's signature look. The Hangisi can now induct the "Decade of Love" collection into its history, too.

manolo blahnik hangisi decade of love new york city collection
Credit: Courtesy of Manolo Blahnik

This new collection will offer new takes on the fictional heroine's wedding shoe.

According to the representative, the inspiration for all of the styles in the series goes beyond Sex and the City. In some ways, the collection is also an homage to the hit show's birth place: New York City. Loopy script, playful embroidery (note the above shoe's map motifs, like Washington Square Arch, Central Park, and intersecting streets and avenues), and fun colors and patterns celebrate both the Hangisi's history and both the fictional Bradshaw and real-life Blahnik's love of the Big Apple.

But you'll have to get them before they're gone.

There won't be a restock on these limited-edition items-once they're gone, they're really gone. As for where you can purchase these beauties? The following retailers will sell the seven style-series, which will hit shelves on November 15: ManoloBlahnik NYC (exclusively stocking the "NYC" style and the "A Decade of Love" style), Saks Fifth Avenue (exclusively stocking the "Cosmopolitan" print), Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Barneys. And now, we can't help but wonder-which pair will you choose for your walk down the aisle?


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