37 Edible Wedding Favors Guests Will Eat Up (Literally!)

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These food favor ideas are sure to hit the spot—plus, they're easy to DIY.

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Real talk: Sometimes all your wedding guests want at the end of the night is a snack. Even if you've already fed them the cake you agonized over choosing and the late-night foods you were thoughtful enough to surprise them with, serving an extra treat or two never hurts, especially as your friends and family leave your celebration. After all, they may get hungry on the way home—or they may simply want to complement the dessert hour's sweet with something savory. Whatever the case, satiate them by doling out one final bite in the form of edible favors. As far as guest presents go, post-party treats may be the most foolproof idea out there!

Need ideas for what to offer? We're here to share some of our favorite options. The following food and drink favors all have two things in common: They're delicious and they're easy to DIY. From crafty picks you (or your big-day caterer) could easily make yourself to homemade goodies we've spotted at real weddings, these tasty giveaways will have guests craving more. For the hands-off couples who aren't looking for a project, there are also plenty of orderable options you can buy, too.

Whether you're showcasing a treat that you made yourselves like this fast food creation or a snack that speaks to your wedding vibe, an edible favor will have everyone leaving your party with a smile on their faces (and a craving in their bellies). Ahead, snacks, desserts, seasonings, and spreads that your guests will eat up—literally.

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Mom's Pepper Jelly

Jana Williams

A great DIY option is delicious pepper jelly, which is best made with love from mom herself. She'll appreciate getting a shout out for her hard work on your special day.

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tommy steve wedding favors
Belathée Photography

The guests at this modern elegant wedding went home with colorful macarons. The favor boxes' blue twine displayed a tag with the couple's initials.

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Simplistic Baguettes

Koby Brown

Sometimes a simple baguette is just what your guests need after a night of drinking and dancing. We love the rustic details added to this hearty, hassle-free favor by Rebecca Rose Events.

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Family Tradition

Rachel May Photography

This couple utilized a longtime family tradition of harvesting honey for their favors—this added a sentimental and personal component to these take-home treats.

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Something Pickled

Angela King

Draw guests' attention to your favors with a sign that references the treats themselves, like this vintage-styled option that showcased the couple's jarred pickle take-homes.

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Personal Wedding Cakes

Voir Pictures

The geniuses at Ivoire Cake Design created these stacked matcha-flavored shortbread cookies and decorated them like mini wedding cakes. They even added white and peach sugar flowers to match the floral designs of the wedding.

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Monogrammed Cookies

Mad Wolf Photography

Skip monogrammed labels altogether and have your crest painted onto cookies like these from Sogi's Honey Bakeshop—they make for an elegant treat almost too beautiful to eat.

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Barbecue Sauce

megan scott wedding bbq sauce
Birds of a Feather

This couple, who chose to host a barbecue cookout rehearsal dinner to honor the groom's love of grilling, decided there was no better way to tie that moment into their wedding day than by offering homemade barbecue sauce to their guests.

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Fresh Fruit

Heather Beard

Customize mini crates of fresh fruit by adding a handle with guests' names on them. Here, the favors were calligraphed by Sarah Jo Designs.

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Olive Oil

favor display bottles
Merari Photography

Incorporating your favors into other aspects of your wedding can check two items off your to-do list at once. Take Anthology Floristry's bottles of olive oil, which doubled as escort cards, for example.

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Savory and Sweet Pop Tarts

Jenn Emerling

San Francisco-based bakery Black and Jet Baking Company cooked up this fun take on a childhood favorite. They made sure to add their own sophisticated flairs with flavors like jalapeño cream cheese, apricot, and Nutella-and-salty-hazelnut.

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Honey Pots and Dippers

Cassidy Carson Photography

This darling favor option featured a micro honey dipper and a dainty blue bow that would work with almost any feminine wedding aesthetic.

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Personal Pies

Heather Waraksa

By the end of the night, guests have already indulged in cake, so why not send them home with a single-portion pie to go like this treat from Luckybird Bakery?

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Funfetti Truffles

Lisa Ziesing for Abby Jiu Photography

Play up your pastel color scheme with a unique take on truffles: Go the funfetti route. These multicolored truffles by Milk Bar were on full display in their clear packaging—all that was left to do was add a bow. We love how the choice of blue ribbon matched the sprinkles in the treats.

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Krispy Kreme Donuts

Melia Sorenson

Krispy Kreme donuts are an American classic that just about anyone can find comfort in at the end of the evening. Make wedding-themed donuts a thing with these custom XO treats presented in Krispy Kreme's iconic packaging.

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Honey Jars

Josh Gruetzmacher/www.joshgruetzmacher.com

Dainty jars of honey, like these ones from Savanah Bee Company, can be topped with monogram-printed tags for a rustic wedding.

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Monogrammed Hot Sauce

Chloe Giancola Photography

For a homespun twist on hot sauce wedding favors, we love how this bottle put the rich orange color of the sauce on display. A monogrammed label was the perfect finishing touch.

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Good Fortunes

abby marcus wedding favors fortune cookies 16
Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

Use your favors as a way to say thank you with these sweet fortune cookies by Fancy Fortune Cookies. You can personalize the tiny notes with quotes of love, silly predictions, or even just messages of gratitude.

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Blush Boxed Truffles

Jessica Blex

Truffles are always a popular wedding favor, which is why presentation can go a long way in helping your big day stand out from the rest. How elegant are these personalized boxes decorated with caligraphy by Miranda Writes, simple blush ribbons from FrouFrou Chic, and tan, monogramed wax stamps by Wax Seals? Guests surely held on to the packaging long after the truffles were gone.

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Fresh Popcorn

Teale Photography

This rustic cabinet, full of a plethora of popcorn types, proves that wedding favors can serve as big-day décor, too.

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Sparkling Wine

Sweetwater Portraits

Sparkling wine cans, which included a straw and a fun "Thank You" banner didn't require much work on the part of this couple, but we're sure their guests thought otherwise.

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Fried Herb Almonds


Elevating a simple snack bag doesn't have to be complicated. Hre, the couple made their fried herbed almonds unique by adding fresh thyme to the recipe and presenting the snack in a customized pouch from Evermine. The treats were garnished with greenery for an additional homemade touch.

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Vintage Cakes

favor display with banner
Brooke Images

By utilizing a repurposed hutch, Southern Charm Events created a vintage feel with this wedding favor display that offered loaves of cakes to go—fork included.

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Jar Cakes

Our Labor of Love

This bride didn't want her guests to leave the dance floor for cake, so she sent them home with jars filled with Betty Crocker cake mix, instead. They also doubled as escort cards.

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Brown Bag Cookies

Landon Jacob

Nothing sounds homier than fresh brown-bag cookies. Each of these favors was hand-stamped with the couple's logo and sealed with washi tape.

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Mini Pizzas


Serving pizza bites in mini pizza boxes that feature your faces on them, like these created by Bradford Catered Events, is a creative favor idea that will gain you major originality points.

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Locally Sourced Goods

Odalys Mendez

This couple paired Red Mule Grits with Phickles pickles (both from local vendors) for their favors.

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Assorted Pastries

Mike Cassimatis

At this affair, attendees were given boxes of assorted Greek pastries from Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop.

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Filled Mug Favors

Amber Gress

For this camp-themed wedding, the bride and groom stuffed theme-appropriate mugs with nostalgic treats.

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Table Décor

Jeff Sampson

Wedding favors can double as table décor, like these macarons in see-through containers did.

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Fruit Baskets

Jen Huang

Grow your own produce? Give it out! Or, order fresh from a farm. These darling little baskets can be perfectly on-palette, depending on your wedding colors and the fruit you choose.

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Hannah Hudson Photography

For guests who like a caffeine buzz, give away fancy coffee beans. The gift is something they're sure to use (and will save them money on their daily Starbucks runs).

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Candied Nuts

julie anthony real wedding almonds
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

At this wedding, guests were treated with cinnamon sugar-glazed pecans and almonds, complete with a monogram by Peanut Press.

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Customized Hot Sauce

Amber Gress

Hot sauce bottles that decorated the reception tables doubled as favors at this two-day wedding celebration. The bride designed the labels herself using the same drawing printed on the ceremony program.

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Homemade Cookies

Landon Jacob

Consider putting your favorite family recipe to work when brainstorming favors. This bride's grandmother made chocolate chip cookies—her specialty—which were packaged into custom baggies with the couple's wedding logo.

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Wrapped and Sealed Olive Oil

Patrick Moyer

Guests at this vineyard wedding reception received beautifully-wrapped bottles of local olive oil, which were stamped with a custom seal.

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