Guess which of her parents had to fight back tears on the big day.
Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky wedding photo with Bill and Hillary Clinton
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With election day quickly approaching, Chelsea Clinton sat down with Chelsea Handler to discuss her mom, Hillary Clinton's campaign for the host's Netflix show, Chelsea. But they didn't talk all business. In fact, the conversation even touched briefly on Chelsea's July 2010 wedding to Marc Mezvinsky in Rhinebeck, N.Y.-at which, the former first daughter says, her dad was fighting back tears.

When asked if her father, former President Bill Clinton, said anything special to her on her big day, Chelsea replied, "He was so emotional, I don't even think he said much. He was just trying really hard to not cry."

Typical father of the bride! But of course, they were happy tears: "I'm really fortunate," Bill told ABC News in April 2010, months before the big day. "I really like my future son-in-law a lot and I admire him a great deal. He's a fine human being so Hillary and I are delighted."

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Naturally, it was an emotional day for everyone. "It was so meaningful just to share that with moment with my husband's family and my family and all of our friends," Chelsea told Handler. My husband came from a family of 11, so very different from being an only child."

Despite their differing childhoods, Chelsea said she and her husband share "common experiences of love and laughter". And when Chelsea had her first baby, Hillary had some sage words of wisdom: "She told me, 'Remember, Chelsea, you've never been a mom before, and Charlotte's never been a baby before. This is a new experience for both of you and you're going to figure it out together. Trust your instincts.' I think that was a great place to begin, with the humility and the awesome responsibility of being a mom."

As "fiercely proud" and protective of her mom as Chelsea is, so, she says, is Bill. "I think he is sometimes offended on her behalf-probably a mild way of characterizing it," she said. "I've always seen my parents as being more upset when the other is being attacked than when they themselves are being attacked. Through the three debates, you can see how proud he is of her … he is just grateful to continue to be on her team and be her chief advocate."

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