And images of her parents' wedding!
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Forget watching romantic wedding videos that will make you sob at your desk-Rita Wilson took the extra step in the "Even More Mine" lyric video. The song, which Wilson co-wrote and sings, plays in the ending credits of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, a film she produced and starred in. Wilson just released the lyric video of the song, which includes memorable moments from weddings across the world-including her own!

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Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks Wedding Photo
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Months ago, Wilson reached out to fans on Facebook by asking them to submit their wedding videos and photos. She took the submissions and used them in the video to create the ultimate wedding video. "The fans really made Greek Wedding movies," Wilson told People. "I just thought it was a way to give back, in a sense. 'How could I thank you for your support? Well, maybe your picture will go into this video.' You can't really ever show your thanks one hundred percent, because you don't know everybody-but this was a small token of thanks for everything they've done for us."

Plus, Wilson included an image of her wedding day to husband of almost 30 years, Tom Hanks. The picture, put in a photo album, has the lyrics "and you are even more mine" underneath.

Wilson also included an image of her parents' wedding day, since she credits her marriage success to them. "If it weren't for my parents and their example of an amazing couple and how to be married for 58 years before my dad died, I don't think I would have understood what a good marriage was like," Wilson said. #marriagegoals

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