Here's how to surround yourself with your loved ones on the big day.

By Aleesha Thomas
July 19, 2018

Figuring out where your family should sit at the wedding may seem like an easy task, but it's not always so. Traditionally, families occupy the first row (or two) on either side of the aisle, ensuring they're the closest people to the to the bride and groom. Since this layout doesn't work for everyone, we reached out to Nora Sheils, wedding planner at Bridal Bliss, to ask for her opinion on the subject and to get some alternative ideas for seating your family. "Weddings are becoming more progressive, and the word 'family' can take on different meanings for our couples," says Sheils. Here, her best ceremony seating ideas.

Stand by Me

"Have your family stand beside you," advises Sheils. "This can be in place of a wedding party or you all can stand together." This is a great way to, literally, surround yourself with all of your loved ones while exchanging vows with your future spouse.

Change Up the Seats

"You can set your chairs in a circle around the altar, which allows you to be surrounded by your family," says Sheils. It's good for your guests, too. Everyone will have a different, unique view of the wedding, which makes things feel a little more personal.

Right Up Front

"Another great option is to have your family stand next to the officiant, providing them with the very best view in the house!" says Shiels. This way, no one can say that they didn't get to see what was going on. Your parents can sit right beside you both, then the rest of your family members can take the seats in the front rows.


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