This Is the Dress Dianna Agron Wore on Her Wedding Day (and It's NOT the $20,500 Valentino Gown!)

It was actually much more traditional.

Photo: @diannaupdate via Instagram

It seems that Dianna Agron did opt for a classic white wedding dress after all! Though we've seen Agron in multiple Instagram posts wearing two different gowns at her Moroccan wedding, it was thought that she wore a $20,500 Valentino nude dress with beaded and sequined embellishments. Well, Us Weekly is now reporting that Agron in fact wore a much more traditional dress for her wedding to Mumford and Sons' Winston Marshall.

Agron reportedly wore a classic white Vivienne Westwood gown for her October 15th wedding. "The dress was a timeless choice, made from ivory crepe with a corset and off-the-shoulder," the insider said. "There was no embellishment or beading, just simple draping." She completed the look with a simple, shoulder-length veil.

Dianna Agron Similar Wedding Dress
Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood

The dress, pictured above, closely resembles what Agron wore for her nuptials. As you can see, it's a much more traditional style compared to the more exotic and embellished Valentino number.

Wearing multiple gowns throughout the wedding has been a major trend for celebrities, from Chrissy Teigen to most recently, Anna Camp. Though Agron wore the Vivienne Westwood gown for her ceremony, it looks like she changed into two other gowns (a Gucci dress and the now-famed Valentino dress) for different parts of her celebration. All in all, we can guarantee that Agron looked absolutely stunning in every look of her big day.

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