20 Yellow Wedding Bouquets to Brighten Up Your Big Day

White and Yellow Bouquet on a Chair
Photo: Olga Plakitina Photography

These arrangements add a sunny component to your bridal look.

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White and Yellow Bouquet on a Chair
Olga Plakitina Photography

Yellow wedding flowers will never go out of style. You can always count on a sunny clutch to elevate your big-day look thanks to the color's bright and cheery aesthetic. The vibrant hue is often associated with sunshine, warmth, and joy—positive sentiments that are all worth celebrating when your nuptials arrive. Beyond the color's symbolic meaning, it's important to remember how versatile yellow flowers are when it's time to pick out your wedding bouquet. Most florists would agree that matching a yellow clutch to your wedding's other floral elements is relatively easy, especially because the shade complements most others.

If you're planning a spring or summer ceremony and want a floral color scheme that represents the warm-weather seasons, choose a yellow wedding bouquet. From soft pastels to darker, golden shades, there is a yellow floral hue for any and all rustic, modern, traditional, or bohemian celebrations from March to September. It's also important to note that yellow florals are statement-making due to their hue alone, so you can work in just a small pop of color with a few well-placed blooms if you're not sold on the idea of carrying an entirely yellow bouquet. Take this clutch of mimosa buds from Hello Flowers Boutique, for example. Smaller florets, as seen here, do not need to be bold in their stature to make a statement. The vibrant color has that covered, without monopolizing the whole display.

Whether you're a fan of a monochromatic look or feel impelled to display a variety of colors throughout your bridal bouquet, you shouldn't underestimate how brightly yellow blooms can shine. As you ascend down the aisle, guests will be in awe of the overall glow you're exuding.

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Tempered Accents

fall wedding color palette taken by sarah photography
Taken by Sarah Photography

These ochre blooms and greens helped refine the otherwise cheerful look of the bride's Amy Nicole Floral clutch.

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Sunny Mix

bouquet of light orange roses, greenery, and yellow blooms
Jasmine Lee Photography

Pineapple Petals Studio created this delicate arrangement of light orange roses, greenery, and a variety of yellow blooms.

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Yellow Ribbon Clutch

ali mark wedding new york bouquet
Samm Blake

A bright yellow ribbon tied together this clutch of foxgloves, peonies, spirea, and ranunculus by Putnam & Putnam.

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Springy Hues

yellow and white florals mixed with greenery spring bouquet
Heather Payne Photography

Floret Flowers mixed springy, yellow hues with white and green accenting buds to create this lush bouquet fit for an April wedding.

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Leafy Greenery

yellow roses and white florals with greenery bouquet
Jeremy Chou

This airy clutch by Sophie Felts Floral Design incorporated sunny roses and leafy greenery throughout.

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Touch of Blue

caitlin amit wedding soft pastel bouquet
Sally Pinera

Adornments Flowers & Finery paired pale roses and peonies with thistle. The touch of blue was a nice accent to an otherwise sunny mix.

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Colored Roses

golden-hued and blush roses floral bouquet
Alexa Vossler

This romantic arrangement by Prim + Lovely featured a mix of golden-hued and blush roses.

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Muted Arrangement

orange bouquet with calla lilies dahlias and roses
Allen Tsai Photography

Muted yellow tones gave this multicolored posy by Jill Loves Lace a rustic vibe.

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Statement Blooms

yellow statement blooms floral bouquet
Jose Villa

Flowerwild created this arrangement of statement blooms which mimicked the summer wedding's sunny aesthetic.

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Yellow Accents

yellow florals mixed with greenery accents bouquet
Janine Licare Photography

This whimsical clutch from The Loved Co. displayed accenting yellow blooms, which popped against greenery.

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Contrasting Colors

yellow and magenta floral bouquet with greenery
Jen S Photography

The flowers in this mixed floral bouquet by Steelcut Flower Co. displayed lemony shades with accenting pops of magenta.

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Springing Hues

yellow, purple, and green buds bouquet
Jessica Rieke Photography

This mixed floral arrangement by McCool + Daughters had a springy aesthetic thanks to its vibrant yellow, purple, and green buds.

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Krinkled Peonies

greenery with white peonies and roses bouquet
Jose Villa

Kelly Kaufman created this display with golden pops—in the form of crinkled white peonies and roses—throughout.

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Mixed Florals

yellow, blush, and white blooms with greenery bouquet
Kristine Herman Photography

Tumbleweed Floral arranged this seasonal bouquet for the summer—it drew inspiration from the sun!

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Dramatic Arrangement

Dark golden peonies with white floral and greenery bouquet
Valentina Glidden Photography

Dark golden peonies dramatically popped against the white florals and greenery in this clutch by Plenty Of Petals.

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Pastel-Colored Clutch

pastel-colored florals bouquet
Muravnik Photography

This cascading bouquet by Decor39 featured an array of pastel-colored florals that represented the fresh feel of a spring day.

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Dark Buds

yellow and burnt orange blooms floral bouquet
This Modern Romance

Dark blooms helped dim the vibrant yellow hues in this rustic clutch by Siren Floral Co.

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Faded Peonies

yellow peonies and greenery bouquet
Teri B. Photography

The bride at this spring wedding styled her own arrangement of farm-fresh yellow peonies and greenery.

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Round Sunny Florals

full bodied floral bouquet with yellow peonies
Diana Elizabeth

The Garage by Ivy created this round arrangement, which featured bright peonies throughout for a full-bodied look.

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