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JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers sunset

After a whirlwind romance and nine weeks of fierce competition, former pro football player Jordan Rodgers has won Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher's heart, beating out former competitive swimmer and model Robby Hayes.

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Both men met JoJo's family during the season finale, but only one stood out to her parents, who immediately fell for Robby. When Jordan neglected to get her parents' permission to propose, viewers were left wondering if the fan favorite might not be the one for JoJo! But of course, Jordan called up the Fletchers later in the episode to officially ask for JoJo's hand in marriage-and it didn't sound scripted at all! Good work, producers.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers sunset

Poor Robby showed up to the proposal set ready to start his life with JoJo: "Jo, my family adores you, and my future longs for you, my heart yearns for you, and I undoubtedly and wholeheartedly am in love with you." Ugh, so sad when you know his rejection is right around the corner. "I am crazy about you," he continued. "It's a love that's so deep, it makes me weak in the knees. It's a love that you only hear about in fairy tales and stories. I want to be with you forever, I will love you forever, I will protect and care for you forever, and you know I'll keep you safe. You're not just my partner in crime-you're my best friend, and I promise I'll love you till the day I die."

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Eventually JoJo spoke up to let him know he's not the one for her, telling him "I can't let you get down on one knee-I can't let you do that because I don't want to take that moment from you," she said. "Robby, I woke up this morning wanting it to be you. Every day, I've been wanting it to be you. I fell in love with you, but for some reason my heart is somewhere else. You don't get how badly I wanted it to be you."

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers sunset

Robby walked away heartbroken, and then JoJo and Jordan confessed their love for each other, dropping words like "best friend" and "soulmate." Jordan got down on one knee and told the love of his life, "It's been real. I love you so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Joelle Hannah Fletcher, will you marry me?" JoJo, in the midst of happy tears, of course said yes! Another Bachelorette couple on their way to wedded bliss.

On the "After the Final Rose" special, host Chris Harrison talked to the couple about their plans for the future, including their decision to move in together right away. "We have a house in Dallas," Jordan said of his fiancé's hometown. "We're moving in right after this … We're going to continue to grow and love every single day." They've even starting discussing their 2017 wedding plans and hope to set a date after "the craziness settles down a little bit." We're pulling for a huge TV wedding special à la Jade and Tanner. Only time will tell!

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