Lofts and warehouses are decidedly cool spots to say "I do," but turning them into the inviting, cozy space you've been dreaming of requires a little legwork.

By Sara Dickinson
February 05, 2020
rustic wooden wedding reception tables with industrial chairs

For couples looking for a modern wedding venue, industrial spaces like revamped lofts and warehouses are becoming more and more common. But with a completely blank slate in most cases, where do you start when it comes to décor? We asked three wedding planners to share their favorite ways to warm up an industrial venue.

Plants and Flowers

With so much metal and wood in most raw spaces, it's important to feminize the venue while keeping its original integrity. One clear way to do this is to create floral installations, bold centerpieces, and other flower arrangements and details throughout the venue. Or, go another route by incorporating tons of greenery in the décor. "Industrial textures play nicely in the same sandbox with natural greenery…the one being a foil to the other," wedding planner Calder Clark says. "Whenever possible, go for the big show that landscaping plans can bring to the design schematic."


One of the easiest ways to warm up a stark industrial venue is to bring in extra lighting. Whether you find interesting marquee letters that light up, use old-fashioned Edison bulbs, or scatter candles throughout the space, adding a warm glimmer will go a long way to making the venue feel cozy. Amanda Gray at Ashley Baber Weddings says, "We can't get enough of that warm, amber glow, whether it's to spotlight tabletop florals or cast soft light over a cozy lounge area."


Kasey Schaffer, a planner at Toast Events, says, "We suggest hanging some sheer billowing drapery to soften up and accent those iron beams—warm, soft lighting can really change the mood of a space." Schaffer also recommends creating soft seating areas throughout the space so guests can feel as comfortable as possible. Rugs, blankets, pillows, curtains, and drapery installations are easy ways to create a warm feeling in an industrial setting. Incorporating some of these details will help to ensure your industrial wedding venue looks refined and polished on the big day. Go for pops of color, flowy textures and intimate lighting for a cozy feel.


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