Credit: Thomas Straub

Tools and Supplies

  • 8 1/2-by-11-inch white or cream paper
  • Craft knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting surface
  • Double-sided tape
  • The Meadow Himalayan salt block (
  • Triangular boxes (GlerupRevere clear triangle boxes,
  • Gel photo filters (Rosco gel photo filters,

Basic How-To

  1. Download our PDF file, and open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you are using a Mac, use Reader instead of Apple's Preview application). Obtain the latest version for free from Adobe's website.
  2. Print it onto the paper.
  3. Use the craft knife and metal ruler to cut out the tags, cutting them into strips by aligning the metal ruler between the matching crop marks on the sides of the page. Then cut each strip into individual triangles.
  4. To package the rock salt as we did, break it into pieces and place it in the boxes. Cut gel photo filters into 1 1/4-inch strips, and wrap them around sides of the boxes (they will cling to the smooth plastic. Attach the triangular tabs in one corner.


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