Did the singer actually pop the question?
Ed Sheeran Playing the Guitar
Credit: Ed Sheeran via Instagram

Last we checked, Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn were giving a pretty good impression of a newly engaged couple, and Oscar-winner actor Russell Crowe was practically confirming the big news. But the singer is finally setting the record straight, and it sounds like we won't be hearing any wedding bells ringing for the cute couple-at least not yet.

In case you haven't already heard, Crowe spilled some potential details during an interview on Australia's Fitzy & Wippa radio show, mentioning the way he and Sheeran started to become friends and dropping what appeared to be a hint or two about the singer's relationship status. "[Ed] was on tour here and he was getting a big burned out so he came up and stayed at the farm for a couple of days to get some sleep and then we became conversational mates," the actor said. And that's where it gets really great. "He has subsequently gone back to the farm with his fiancée for more time."

Insert collective gasp here. However, Sheeran, who said just this February that he feels "pretty good" about the idea of getting engaged to Seaborn, stopped by the same radio show and clarified what's really going on in the couple's life. "You know, he's only met Cherry once and I didn't introduce her," Sheeran said of Crowe's comment, according to ET. "I think he just assumed. But no, we're not engaged."

Still, the singer hasn't backed down on his previous comments about longtime love, Seaborn. He's even admitted he'd like to potentially start a family someday–and that the fact that Seaborn's known him since he was 11 helps him keep life in perspective. "I think it's cool," Sheeran said. "You don't get away with a lot, because she can call you on anything." Sounds like true love to us!


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