Whether you're engaged or just dating, there will come a time for a face-to-face with his folks.
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If you and your guy are in a committed relationship, meeting each other's families will inevitably be on the horizon. You may have talked to his mom on the phone or even FaceTimed her, but an in-person meet-and-greet is an entirely different experience. Because this is such a big step in your relationship, you'll want to get the timing right. To help you do just that, we're sharing a few pointers on when to plan that first get-together and offering our best tips on how to make sure it goes well.

Wait, you're not exclusive?

Then why are you planning to meet each other's families? It's usually best to wait until you're more serious about one another before making the big intros. But then again, you know your relationship better than anyone else. If you want to test the waters and see how he does with your brood before making more of a commitment, that's your prerogative. Still, you may want to take a few months-rather than a few weeks-to get to know each other better before introducing him to your loved ones.

Meeting the parents doesn't mean marriage is imminent.

To make sure that you don't convey the wrong impression to your families, call your parents before you and your boyfriend show up on their doorstep. Explain that you've met a great guy who you've been dating for a few months and want him to get to know the people in your life who you love the most. Make sure he's on the same page with you so he doesn't get scared and run away!

Prep him for the meeting.

Put some forethought into this get-together so things go smoothly. If your guy's political and religious views are the exact opposite of your family's, tell everyone upfront that those topics are off the table. Talk about his schooling, job, hobbies, travel experiences, or any other subject that will won't incite anyone. Have him bring a bouquet of flowers for your mom if you're meeting at her house. She'll like him instantly!


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